21 Oct 2016

The 5 people you meet in heaven

If you have ever asked me ‘what is your favourite books?” I mention two. The first being The 5 people you meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom. 

I originally first read this book after E finished it back when we just started dating and decided to read it again this year. Thinking back at how I felt when I read it 10 years ago to now its very different. Firstly this year I cried where last time I didn’t. 

I don’t want to tell you the story but only really really really encourage you to read it. You don’t need to believe in Heaven or be christian to read and take something from it but only that the story is beautiful and eye opening. I will say that its about a guy that dies and he meets 5 people he knew and loved and others he didn’t even know was around. 

For me I it moved me made me think about how many peoples life we touch with out even realising it. It proved to me, even though it's just a book, but it showed me that you matter. You sitting there in the car, at the desk on the toilet you matter! Isn't that just magical to think we matter, can/have/will change someone's live without honking twice and going on about our day!!

If this doesn't make you read it I might just have to make you!! 

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