29 Jun 2014

Wedding Anniversary 2.0


Its unbelievable how quick a year goes.

As a child I remember that time never went this quick you would look at the clock and an hour seemed to go forever and you wished it over. Now as an adult I would like it to slow down, your going to FAST! I have considered that maybe it is that we need to slow down a bit.

E and I have done so much this past year its been just crazy, exiting and such a great adventure. NOW looking back and realising we got married 2 years ago is crazy.
It only feels like yesterday I walked down the isle, started to cry and almost tripped over my dress. Now to clarify - I didn't cry cause I tripped over my dress but because the man  at the end of the isle, the one I am marring is not only 'the man of my life', 'the one', 'my true love', 'my one and only' he is my person, my best friend and  now my Husband. All these words is how I feel, who he is but most of all he is my Hassie.

He is my best friend and wouldn't image a world with out him, he knows my deepest darkest secrets, watches my pick my nose and fart away and surprisingly still love me just as much.

I love him for al he does for our happily ever after.

27 Jun 2014

Hassie Adventure - Week 37

Our second week on the east coast and still trying to get ourselves organized and settling in. We have a new housemate - we aren't to happy that we weren't informed of their move in since all our things was a all around the house. 

As you read in the last weekly post, we don't 'fit' in just yet and are hoping it gets better - That hasn't happened yet, we are still hopeful and since the money and environment is so good we will stick it out.

It's  our wedding anniversary and E birthday next week so some celebrations is in order. That will make the week enjoyable... 

Lets just hope it gets better in the work environment.

  • Km driven this week: 747
  • Places of interest: None
  • Paid accommodation: None
  • $$spent: $853.25
  • Gas:
    • Liters: 105.60L
    • $: $171.50
    • Places:
      • Hobart
      • Swansea
      • Bicheno

25 Jun 2014

E and Henry's Twin Birthday


Who would have known that the guy that moved in not long after we arrived shared the same birthday with E and was the same year. This meant a for a lovely get together and CAKE. It ended up being perfect, E and I had the day off together and that we got to relax as much as we could.

I backed some cakes, frisbee'd and enjoyed a few cold ones. I am glad E got to celebrate it in some way, its not everyday you get older. 

23 Jun 2014

E Septum

I never thought I would like it, but I do. E has been talking about getting his nose pierced for too long and since we heard about a good piercer down in Hobart. E jump straight into getting one. 

It look very painful and by golly as much as I would like to get mine done, I'm just too much of a big sissy I will avoid it for now. 

I shouldn't stop E from getting things because the things he pick works well for him, It just needs to grown on me

21 Jun 2014

Photo a Day - Month 9

For my New Years Resolutions this year I wanted to take a photo of myself for 1 year. I have successfully done this for more than 9 months now and thought I'd share my 9 month's worth of Photo a Day Travel Diary Entry.

Now let me explain what I mean by this. I have created a section on this blog called Daily Photo Travel Diary - This is where you can see all of my Photo a Day photos of myself since we have started our Hassie Adventure. If you want to see all of them to this day Click - Here

For this post click on any photo and it will redirect you to my Tumblr Page where I have been posting a daily diary entry of that day the photo was taken.

This is my 9 month of my Photo a Day photo's and although I did miss days this month, But lets see if you can notice which one?

Click on each photo for that days Diary entry.


19 Jun 2014

Hassie Adventure - Month 9 (Week 36)

So first week at work here on the east cost. You can say it hasn't been the best. I don't know if it is because I am not use to this environment or because they just changed systems or because its so quiet.

I really hope this place grows on me because at the moment in time I am not happy with how I feel about the place. 

I am hoping it get busy or I get along with everyone more but other wise in want to leave. E somewhat feels the same but don't want to comment on it to much. Finger crossed for the weeks to come and see what happens.

On a different note. The next week coming is E birthday and our second wedding anniversary. Exiting stuff coming up!!

  • Km Driven this Week: 520
  • Places of Interest: 
    • Tombolo's
  • Paid Accommodation: None
  • $$ Spent: $371.97
  • Gas:
    • Liters: 34.72
    • $: $62.14
    • Places: 
      • Bicheno
      • Coles Bay
Sub Total:
  • Km - 1903
  • $$ Food & Accommodation - $3979.61
  • Gas -
    • Litres Filled: 177.88L
    • $: $292.88
    • Different Places:
      1. Coles bay
      2. Bicheno
      3. Hobart
      4. Tarbunna
      5. Greveston
      6. Huonville
      7. Elizabeth Town
      8. Sheffield

17 Jun 2014


E and I have found love in a small town. Coles Bay has a hidden gem where everyone in town just about hangs out. Great people, great food and just yummy coffee with a stunning view.

E and I go there for breakfast/lunch on our days off and enjoy just the beautiful view we get from the Hazards. We would like to go their more often but we seem to be working all the time.

15 Jun 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 34 - Coles Bay

Our new home town. 

Before we moved into our new home we stayed in the BIG 4 caravan park and tried to experience the town.

Firstly it was very windy the wind just about rocked us to sleep. The van moved while we were sleeping and thank goodness we stopped closed to a fence of some sort which actually kept our van from rolling down the hill.

Coles Bay is the closest town to Wineglass Bay and has some beautiful little hidden treasures. 

Best coffee - Tombolo's
Best beach - Friendly Beaches
Fresh seafood - The Marine Farm
Best people - The whole town.

We give it a 2 our of 5 Hassie Carrots.

Quite enjoyed the town for the time we stayed there.

13 Jun 2014

Things I Miss


The things I miss is things I didn't know I rely on so much....

Not being at home or in your comfort zone of a room or house, you really miss the things you would usually have taken for granted.

I miss a flushing toilet - It’s frustrating to go to the toilet (being a long drop) and turn around to flush. I feels like everyone is looking at me when I walk out and I instantly think they know I didn’t flush, as there is not flushing noise. On a different note its also very distracting to be on the loo doing your business and feeling wind blowing up from with in- eww. I am instantly grossed out and can’t finishes what I wanted to do. So I really miss a toilet.

I miss warm water - Have you ever taken a shower in freezing cold water? Don’t think so, specially when its  located outside and right on the beach so there is extra wind blowing.  There is so many people coming have a shower here and don’t look like it worries them!! Maybe I am spoiled!! Oh don’t get me wrong - its a beautiful view seeing everyone in their bikini’s and undies washing there private bits trying not to show anything or make it look like you are having play. Other than that it’s the flu waiting to happen.

I miss ice cubes - I don’t like my drinks freezing cold as I am more of a tea generation *wink wink* but E really misses the ice cubes. I miss a fridge more. The idea of leaving it i a fridge and knowing it won’t go off as easily as it would be out. It has made us super aware of how to plan what we are eating and been good in the fact that we eat left overs and there is not wastage. Proud of that fact too. 

This is somewhat related to the one above. I miss a microwave. Now

First world problems I know but this is what we are use to - spoilt child? not really just always easy access.

I miss a charged phone/computer - When you are at home, you don’t really thing about everything needing to be charged and that means you need running electricity. Well I miss that then too. I miss the ability to just plug in your phone or computer and know that it will charge while you sleep and the car battery won’t be dead when you plan to leave the next day. So our phones always end up off when we sleep. Very annoying when you wake up and wonder what time it is. No phone to check people.

I miss a microwave - I miss the idea of just warming something up, or smelting butter for a dish. Or left overs. Now its us warming left overs in the pot or pan and making heaps more dishes that what we wanted to, and using gas for our little gas stove (which seem to run our so quick). Gosh I miss connivence. 

I miss reception - Now it is good not being on your phone when out door and E and I wanted to be off our phones more and enjoy each other company. Although I think we are so use to it that every now and then you are just interested to check what is going on on tumblr or Facebook or in E case 9GaG. Its such a bad habit but I miss it. On a different side of this. I miss being able to text or receive a text and call just and when I like. I feel like I am missing out on things and people might think twice about texting or calling me, as we might not have reception or she never texts back. I will soon I get it. I do make the effort to call my family every 2/3 days to say we are still alive and generally email a few people and always reply to messages as I get them. 

I miss my family - I have been thinking about this lately. Usually when they are around you don’t really miss them or when you go on holiday for a month or 2 you miss them but this miss is different. Maybe cause I know its not a small holiday like we usually have. It might be a year or 2 before I see them again. I must be at the point where home sick really settles in and I want to go home!

Thank goodness for Facetime... oh wait not reception... *Sad Face*

11 Jun 2014

Hassie adventure - Week 35

What a jam packed week this has been before we go to the east coast.

We have done so much, 
  • Been to the Southern most point of Tasmania and that means Australia as well. That a lovely spot we stayed out.
  • I changed my 'image' for a new beginning
  • We went into a diabetic coma at the Cadbury Chocolate Factory
  • We did the Tahuan Forrest.
  • And I am sure I am missing a few things.
Been busy busy

  • Km Driven this Week: 698
  • Places of Interest:
    • Southern Most Point of Tasmania
    • Tahune Air walk
    • Eagle Hang Glider
    • Swing Bridges
  • Paid Accommodation: 
    • Cygnet Caravan Park
    • One Sandy Bay (Mantra)
    • Clydesdale Manor
    • Treasure Island Caravan Park
    • BIG 4 Coles Bay
  • $$ Spent: $2784.80
  • Gas:
    • Liters: 58.42
    • $: $94.15
    • Places: 
      • Greveston
      • Hobart
      • Tarbunna

9 Jun 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 33 - Treasure Island

Still in the Hobart region. We weren’t to sure what we actually wanted to do so we stayed closes. This day was the Hobart show day and everything closes in Hobart for this show day. 

So we went to the show and didn’t really enjoy ourselves. Think we are getting old and the weather was just shitty. The wind was blowing so much the van was literally rocking us to sleep. 

We give this spot a 3 out of 5 Hassie Carrots. Because it was just so beautiful around it.


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