28 Feb 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 53 - Our Rabbit Hole

Our quick one day visit back "home" was a so quick it was like a blink of an eye and it was over. 

We got to sleep in our own real bed and eat home made dinner. It was a business visit but we made sure we get our pleasure bits as well.

Of course we did not pay for any accommodation and it will be given 5 Hassie Carrots.


26 Feb 2015

Glass House Mountains


Leaving the mountain and starting our trip back to Western Australia, E made me go out of our planned way to see the Glass House Mountains and it didn't disappoint! 

Driving on the motorway you see car after car and trees coming and going it feels like the road never ends. When all if a sudden a mountain appears, it's very hard to explain just how 'BOOM' out of the blue it really is. It's really spectacular! 

These mountains were lava plugs within volcanic cones. 250 000 Years later these rock formations appeared after wind and water erosion. 

These mountains don't look anything like house nor a glass and I find it's an unusual name for mountains. Apparently these mountains looked a lot like the glass furnaces from James Cooks home town the 'adventurer' who first saw these in 1800's.

These mountains are such landmarks for Queensland that you are able to see them from the New South Whales border. 

24 Feb 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 52 - Newmarket Gardens Caravan Park

There isn't much to say about this spot, as E and I really only slept there! We arrived not long after 7pm and ordered Pizza Hut cheese burger crust pizza (don't recommend it) and tried going to sleep before we had to be up again 3.30am to catch our flight to Perth! 

It's conveniently located close to the air port as well as the city which really helped us! 

Surly we will be back!!   For now it gets a 3 Hassie carrots!

22 Feb 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 51 - Spicers Peak Lodge

Our third place to call home long term and this one is mind blowing. 

As you drive up the 30 min dirt road only to think you have turned at he wrong place and are driving somewhere never to be seen again, you are mistaken. As you reach the top you are welcomed by a wide open field leading you up to this beautiful lodge we now have been blessed to call home! 

Woking along side amazing team members, learning new skills and knowing you one of the few people to even know about this place let along call it home. We sadly wish we didn't have to leave, as walking thru the cows every morning to go to work and getting lost in to fog from work makes for an amazing adventure and story. Many don't believe me that a place like this exists but belief my words and trust my photos this place is in the clouds and close to heaven. 

You might think I am not getting enough air being so high up - maybe this but there is not words to express how much we loved the peace, love and surrounding of this place. 

We will be back and ENCOURAGE everyone to go!!! You won't ever regret it! 


20 Feb 2015

Going Away

Its official, we are packed and ready to head on the rest of our Adventure. We haven't really divided which way to drive or exactly where we will sleep. We shall see where we end up, for now maybe we shall explore Brisbane CBD?

Who Knows. 

For now we have to say goodbye.... I hate this part. Maybe I shall have a coffee first and enjoy the last bit of mountain life. 

I want to remember the thin air, smell of clouds and the cows moo'ing early morning thinking they are a roosters BUT most of the lovely people we got to enjoy these 3 months of our life with. 

18 Feb 2015

The Peak Family

I'd like to introduce to you our family in Queensland, for this short time we lived on the mountain both E and I are surprised how quick we made friends and memories. These people are a crazy bush that is always up for a laugh, chat and COFFEE.

This particular day we started off with a sunset gathering at the Northern Lookout and then too the Lodge for our BBQ dinner. We are not yet drunk in the second photo but shows them amount of fun we were ready to have/having. Not only were we celebrating a Staff Party, Our Going Away but Matias' Birthday.

I already miss these amazing people and wish we could soon return to visit. So grateful for the opportunity to not only work with these people but got to live with them all.

17 Feb 2015

Photo a Day - Month 15

For my New Years Resolutions, I wanted to take a photo of myself for 1 year. I have successfully done this for more than 15 months now and thought I'd share my 15 month's worth of Photo a Day Travel Diary Entry.

Now let me explain what I mean by this. I have created a section on this blog called My Daily Photo - This is where you can see all of my Photo a Day photos of myself since we have started our Hassie Adventure. If you want to see all of them to this day Click - Here

This is my 15 month of my Photo a Day photo's and although I did miss days this month, But lets see if you can notice which one?


16 Feb 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure - Week 60 (Month 15)

Our last week on the mountain of heaven and I am sad. It's funny how you can sit on the fece when it come to wanting to stay and wanting to go home at the same time. AHHH can't I just be at the both spots at the same time. 

I don't really want to think about goodbyes as I don't want to think about it.

  • Km driven this week: 110km
  • Places of interest: 
    • Heaven
  • Paid accommodation: 
    • None
  • $$spent: $215.27
  • Gas:
    • Liters: 26.68
    • $: $39.94
    • Places:
      • Warwick
Sub total: 
  • Km: 521km
  • $$food & accommodation: $2490,23
  • Gas:
    • Litters filled: 74.83L
    • $: $112.12
    • Different places:
      • Warwick
      • Pacific Petroleum 

14 Feb 2015

Northern Lookout


Thee best Picnic spot.... I am just going to put that out there. We choose to go to the Northern Lookout for a 'picnic' catch up and a wine bottle or two.

Its not to far to walk from the lodge but we choose to drive - why not. We then just sat around and talked about our plans of driving back to Perth, the lodge and just normal life. It was so unbelievably beautiful and peaceful, I want to look back at this photo and remember that moment of "ahhh".

This place is really gonna be one of my favourite places we ever have been at. 

10 Feb 2015

The Peak Restaurant

Lets Start with yum, yummy, YUMMO!!

Dinning in the restaurant you work at, makes it more exiting to try things you always see being cooked. Not only is it a one Chefs Hat restaurant it is the Highest None Alpine Lodge Restaurant in Australia and a place we will always call home. 
Knowing we didn't have to drive,  E and I choose to have the wine paring with dinner.  It crazy to think we have never done this before, We always get a bottle of wine but trying different kinds of wine specially because they go with your dish - IS CRAZY GOOD!

This is the menu I want to keep in My Online Memory Box

Sashimi of Yellowfin Tuna, Pickles, Avocado, Soy
Gentil "Hugel", Blend
2011, FRA
Squid, Fungi, Dashi, Seaweed
Cape Mentelle, Sauvignon Blanc Semilon, 
2012, WA
Snapper, Cauliflower Ferment, Radish, Chilli Consomme
Philip Shaw No11, Chardonnay, 
2012 NSW
Pork Jowel, Plum Caramel, Brassica
Tarrawarra, Pinot Noir,
2012, VIC
Lamb Rump, Pumpkin, Kales, Yuzo-Miso
Primo Estate, Shiraz Sangiovese,
2012, SA

Vietnamese Mint, Blueberry

Chocolate, Caramel, Popcorn, Honeycomb
Vasse Felix, Cane Cut,
2011, WA

If I can suggest something worth trying in a restaurant is to have or ask for the wine pairing with you meal. You won't forget it.

8 Feb 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure - Week 59

Its a week with nothing exciting worth mentioning, its only a few more weeks to go before we take off again.  Here is a Selfie!!

Weekly Total:
  • Km Driven this week - 0km
  • Places of Interest - Heaven 
  • Paid Accommodation - None
  • $$ Spent - $0
  • Gas 
    • Litres - 0L
    • $ - $0
    • Places - None

6 Feb 2015

Betsy The Highlander


We have been trying to feed the cows since we found out they are friendly. There is so many around, you would think it's easy to do, but no they have a mind of their own!! 

Their not like dogs where you can go 'here Betsy, Betsy, Betsy' or '*whistle*  come on, come here' nope they don't care! It's the few times they come up to the fence that we can try. 

Today E suddenly disappears, me being annoyed that he didn't tel me where he is going is started stomping around like around looking for him. Spotting him thru the window with Betsy, who is at the fence. I frantically started looking for my camera and grabbed the carrot and off I went!! 

I am so glad we got to feed her and got to take some photos! Yay for more cows! 

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