29 Jan 2016

Murder Spot

Ever felt so uncomfortable that you worried you might be watched all the time. Well welcome to that feeling in real life. E and I was on our Mini adventure and our last stop on our way home was this place. 

To be honest I don't even remember the name of it but we stumbled across it looking for a different place to honest. Seeing it a and open set up, place for a fire and peaceful (while the sun is up) we didn't think twice about staying there. As the afternoon soon turned into night both E and I both started to feel very uncomfortable to a point we actually packed up everything, killed the fire and drove off in the dark in search of a better spot.

Its odd though - E and I travel all over Australia and there was plenty of times were we stayed at a spot by ourselves. This was the first spot we both didn't feel comfortable and felt like we might not be alone. 

That was a unusual experience and glad we indeed did not get murdered. 

27 Jan 2016

New Norcia

A town of creepy. Its a bit of a ghost town I mean as we arrived it there almost no one to see. I know it was a Monday and really the town is only full of monks but seeing it's such an attraction I though there would be more grousing traffic. 

If we were a bit more organised E and I would have just made it to join the guided tour (3/4hours or guide) but we missed it and didn't want to wait 3/4 hours till the next one while we still need to find our next sleeping spot. 

We walked around the quiet historical town and really tiered to comprehend how things use to be back in the day! The buildings are just stunning and majestic in their old bold statements! 

I'd like to do the tour and see what they can tell you about the now monk driven town! I'll bring a friend that aunts Australian who can be just as surprised about old facts like I would be!!

25 Jan 2016

Barberton Rd

If you know me, you know that I grew up in a small town called Barberton in South Africa. Seeing I moved away, I often think back and miss those days in the small town.

I remember when I first moved to Australia and had the internet to my disposal I 'Googled' Barberton in maps and it showed me a road Barberton Road not to far away. Yes, it is in the middle of nowhere and yes there is nothing to see but I thought to myself then (a long 16year old) I will find it!

Almost 10 years later I just happened to drive past this road and just about stopped the Van dead in its tracks to take a photo of "Home".

Gosh, I miss that town, at least I can say I am close to home even though its might not technically to right.

22 Jan 2016


If you have been reading my blog for some time, you would notice a reassuring pattern - E always convince me to go somewhere other than the original plan. This time we drove to Geraldton - Just cause we haven't been there before.

Now I'd like to mention that it is a further 2hours drive the complete opposite way we would have needed to drive the new day which is to New Norcia. New Norcia is 2 hours on the way home from Jurien Bay, now we have doubled the drive. He can be glad I enjoy driving as much - especially when there isn't many people on the road, and some lovely land scape to enjoy.

I hear you asking - Yes, it was worth it in the end, just look at the beautiful beach spot we got to enjoy! Geraldton as a town alone, I can't really comment on seeing we only stopped at the Macas and tried the Create Your Own burger for the first time before looking for a spot to stay at.

What a beautiful place we stumbled across, and maybe it just helped that the weather was amazing as well.

This is defiantly the spot the remember.

20 Jan 2016

Jurien Bay

We made it to Jurien bay and got to tick off one of our 'To Do'.

It's a strange feeling to be on the road, almost like we never 'settled'. Music playing and van rattling we are ready for s mini adventure - first stop Pinnacles. 

Let's run they the day...

Work up about 7:30am ish and E was already (dressed)- he must be exited. I started packing, yes I know we should have had things ready before, I packed clothes and bits and bobs. 

Carry everything down stairs to check if the Van is all good to go. Detour to E dads place because he left his phone there! So frustrating!! 

It didn't feel like a long drive - we must be exited for being back in the van and getting away from the routine world we have so easily got use to again! 

We popped into the Pinnacles (read seperate    post) and drove into Jurien Bay - it's much smaller than what it looks like on the map! 10km outside of the town we found the turn off to Sandy Cape Bay! '7km dirt road' - we can do that!! 

I think our insides were scrambled with the road being so corrugated - the boom!! This beautiful world hits you!!  

If only we planned on staying longer!! Till we see you again!  

18 Jan 2016


So pointy rocks, their a thing, a thing I wanted to see and got to see! I am not planning on seeing them again. E warned me their not particularly exiting but none the less I made it my mission to see them! 

First point I want to make is $12! $12 for park entry and really all your seeing is like some rocks sticking out the ground in the desert sand. I personally feel $12 is a crazy amount to ask, as I am sure many people only really stay around for like an 1hour driving they then leave so $12 is too much. Rant over we paid it in he end. 

Walked around took our photos and tick it's off our list. Don't know if I have much more to say.

15 Jan 2016

A Well Deserved Break

I know it doesn't seem like we have been back to real life for long here on blog land but to tell you the truth it's been like more than a year!! Can you believe it!! E and I have been stuck in a 'normal' routine for a whole year. 

As you have read (maybe) we are trying to get our finance in order for our next step and doing that means we work and only dream about our future adventures away. Oh man are we dreaming (post on that later).

Anyway E and I FINALLY have sometime for mini adventures!! Woooh! 

So what I mean by mini adventures, I mean literally only a week - wish we had more but 1 weeks is good for now. 

As I write this I'm in bed - trying to sleep as I still have one more day of adult life (work) to go while E is already on holiday mood! We have a plan of just driving up the Western Australin coast. We have 3 destinations in mind and but really will see where the road will takes us. 

3 Destinations 
- Jurien bay (for the Pinnacles)
- New Norcia (cause we have been trying to go forever)
- York (cause I have been told it's pretty) 
- Then everything in between.

Watch this space I'll tell you all about our mini adventure as it happens.

14 Jan 2016

House Keeping

You might be reading the blog and find my post are all over the place and confusing at times! 
Thought, well seeing it's the new year - I need to clear the air on how things are posted here! 

I try and post regularly on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday's! I like to have my post to be in date order of how they happen therefore I often write a lot at schedule them a head of time. I can at times be so far ahead in scheduled post that things like new year and Christmas could be posted mid way through the year! 

There will be times where I don't feel like writing anything or have anything I feel is worth sharing. Writing everything down and posting them takes a lot of time and energy so there are some times where I don't write for months but seeing sometimes I have a few post scheduled ahead of time - give me the time to relax and grain some strength. 

Saying all of this - I'd like to remind everyone that this is my online memory box. I like to record memories to look back on and remember the good times! 

13 Jan 2016

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