29 Jan 2016

Murder Spot

Ever felt so uncomfortable that you worried you might be watched all the time. Well welcome to that feeling in real life. E and I was on our Mini adventure and our last stop on our way home was this place. 

To be honest I don't even remember the name of it but we stumbled across it looking for a different place to honest. Seeing it a and open set up, place for a fire and peaceful (while the sun is up) we didn't think twice about staying there. As the afternoon soon turned into night both E and I both started to feel very uncomfortable to a point we actually packed up everything, killed the fire and drove off in the dark in search of a better spot.

Its odd though - E and I travel all over Australia and there was plenty of times were we stayed at a spot by ourselves. This was the first spot we both didn't feel comfortable and felt like we might not be alone. 

That was a unusual experience and glad we indeed did not get murdered. 

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