16 Sep 2013

Mini Aventure - Sheffield


An unexpected planned stay. Let me explain - E and I wanted to get off the mountain but didn't want to go to far if even. We did want to get a few things. So we packed Van Gogh and said we will see how we go.

We drove quite a bit - first in the the opposite direction as Sheffield as we wanted to go to Queenstown and do the mines tour there and what ells they have to offer. Got there and the mines weren't doing tour the days we had off. So we drove there for no reason :( So we drove back towards home, and too Sheffield as we wanted to get some food from the city.

By the time we got near Sheffield (40min away from Cradle) its was getting dark - so I said well we better seek shelter for the night here as I am not driving back the way we came since we have been driving for 4 hours doing nothing (partly my fault, but I won't admit it in front of E)

We at Chinese in celebration of our 3 Months Mark of Our Hassie Adventure :)

The next day when we did wake up Van Gogh was not sounding well. He almost had a cough if I can explain it that way. We drove towards to gas station and filled up. After Van Gogh was dead - did not want to wake up... Frightening! booked him in for a Cat Service. We got him started again that day. It was running on 3 cylinders, one popped off.  So the day before we were driving with 3/4 worth of power through the mountains!!

Glad to be in a Warm room again - Taz really is FREEZING!

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