17 May 2013

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 3: Stirling Ranges National Park

While in Albany we had a few days off and disappeared to the Stirling Ranges.

This beautiful location was lovely to see as I am use to mountain but as some might know that Australia doesn't really have mountain but actually hills. These we a surprise to encounter.

The range of mountains and few hills spans for over 60km from west to east stretching from the highway between Mount Barker and Cranbrook eastward past Gnowangerup. They include features like Toolbrunup, Bluff Knoll which is the tallest peak in the Southwestern Region and the silhouette called the Sleeping Princess which is visible from the Pornongurup Ranges. Many come to bush walk, abseil and gliding.

While in the Stirling Range National Park E and I actually Climbled Bluff knoll. I did a post on his previously if you would like to read it (Click Here).

Around the National Park is a few smaller towns which we drove thru but stopped at a particular spot called Amelup where there is a sign E and I took some Naughty photo of our self. I have done a post on that as well if you would like to read that (Click here)

The National Park is really well known for its staggering range of wildflowers - more that 1000 different species, some not found elsewhere.

E and I stayed here for 2 Nights, each night a different spot

  1. The Caravan park in the National park - cost us $14.
  2. The Stirling Range Retreat - cost us $32 for a powered site.
We give this location a 3/5 carrots. 
E and I enjoyed our selfs for the few days we spent there. We accomplished a goal we didn't think we wanted to do, but glad we did. For this we are happy to give it 3 Carrots of entertainment.
Lets see where the next spot will be.


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