16 Jul 2015

Gold Coast Sunrise

Being in on the side of Australia where the sunrises - E and I made the effort to wake up and lay in bed enjoying the sunrise. 

We were lucky enough to have a room high enough to see far into the distance and enjoy this natural beauty. I am so jealous of the East coast humans because over on the west coast we don't get to enjoy this, we do have the sunset. 

15 Jul 2015


While at staying at Surfers Paradise, E and I got to experience Teppanyaki where the food is cooked right in front of you.

I have only ever seen this in the movies and was super exited to finally get to experience it for myself.  

14 Jul 2015

Cunninghams Gap Lookout

Living so close to the Scenic Rim we wanted to do the easiest nature walk which you drive to and only a few mins walk -  Canninghams Gap Lookout.

Reading the rich history of how the pass started by connecting the country 'world' to the coast is amazing. It was said that Allan Cunningham first explored the Great Dividing Range (the mountains) in 1827. Almost 200 year later here I stand looking out onto this amazing National Park and just amazing at how Queensland has such a variety of different environments.

If you want to explore it yourself, its only 4 hours dive out of Brisbane and the National High way to Toowoomba will take you thru the amazing mountain ranges.

Take me back Queensland I miss you!!!

10 Jul 2015

Best surprise ever!! (Year 23)

Going to see E after what felt like forever was the best birthday present I could buy myself. Seeing him after all that time sure proved to me just how much he means to me! I said my quick hello to everyone, enjoyed my cuddle and got walked home. E had to go back to work which meant I could have my beauty sleep (since I have been up for more than a 24hours).

Waking up to the quiet of the leaves rustling in the wind, the birds singing in the sun and my heart jumping with joy, I knew this is the life I want.  While lying in bed waiting for E to finish work thinking about nothing and enjoying the moment was just what I needed after getting back into 'real life'.

E planned to surprise me and it was the best surprise yet! 

He organised  a bomb fire picnic in the 'Forrest' while watching the sunset. 
Be has been planning this for sometime, saying he was carrying wood, deciding on the best spot (which I may have moved), and then having me there. It could not have been any better, it was so amazing that it made me cry of joy, love and happiness. He is my person, my love, my husband and best friend. 

We stayed out quiet late into the night, watching the fire burn to ashes, catching up on lost time and really just enjoying the moment. Considering how much the wind has been blowing thru the night, I'm surprised I stayed out as long as we did with out me complaining about the wind/cold! 

I absolutely loved it. Something I would remember even if I have dementia! A Happy 23rd. 

Hassie you have me for ages!

8 Jul 2015


Living between cows is something I never knew I wanted.

Living with them and being with them all day makes it just so much more exiting on this mountain. 

It's started with them 'moo'ing' early in the morning just like a rooster would crow. Then walking to work between mommy cow and baby cow, trying not to cause an argument on who's right of way it is. Then trying to tell mommy cow not to attack you, just because your admiring her baby! All in good spirits, although I have to say, seeing them all casually eating grass minding their own business gives the mountain a calming feel about it.

There is some negatives - we get more flies and ticks, and the risk of stepping in poo. You would think that it's would smell, but I haven't been overwhelmed with anything.

Cow go MOOOOO!!

6 Jul 2015

10,000 Tasmanians People Project


E and I got the opportunity to take park a project by a photographer by the name Manabu Kondo. His goal was to get 10,000 Tasmanians documented in one year of all ages, backgrounds and race. 

Looking at all his photos he took of us, it was spontaneous and really is us. No posing or picking of which is the best one - he did all that, snapped a few say goodbye and you have to hope for the best. 

We left and I instantly looked him up on Facebook to share my thoughts of how amazing I thought the idea was. It reminded me of my Photo a Day and how much I loved how great his scale is. He kindly shared with us the photos he picked and now its just a waiting game until he completes all of it and get published. 

I will buy a few copies to say the least.

Editors Note: These Photos was taken on 24 October 2013 at the Royal Hobart Show. 

4 Jul 2015

Goodbye Hassie

As I Saw you walk into the plane - my heart sank. I was trying so hard to be brave and show you I am happy to say goodbye for a little time. 

I mean we just spent a year and a half together every minuet of ever day and now all of a sudden cold turkey. They say 'distance makes the heart grow fonder', well mine is already quite fond of you! 

I miss you already.

1 Jul 2015

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