28 Feb 2013

Introducing Van Gogh

E and I would like to introduce to you our new addition to our Hassie Family.

Its been a long time waiting and a lot of worry, stress and heart ache but we like to introduce you to our baby, or more teenager  van - Van Gogh (pronounced Van Go).

He is our fully equipped studio appartment. Not as big a the normal apartment but just right for us.
We gave him a piercing in his left side for our ventilation and a new light to life for us to have a little quite time for reading. We have fallen in love with his noisy engine and bumpy front seats.

Still getting use to all his noises and particular way drive. He isn't a new-age teenager but we love him anyway. As long as he behaves on the tough Australian roads.

You will be seeing more of him in the future.

26 Feb 2013

Before Our Hassie Adventure

Planning an adventure is a lot more work that I anticipated for!
Gosh and what work it has been.

So we have been looking for the van (took a while - they are pretty popular in WA). E and I would have liked the RAC to look over the van before we say "Yes we will take it", but we just couldn't. A few times we went to look for van, when before we even get to say hello to the owner its has been bought by someone else. Now for me it was heart breaking - you put a lot of hope in the van you go and see and before even seeing it your heart gets broken! After while of searching we found our love!!

I will make a proper post in the future and introduce to you our new 'baby'.

After buying the van there was a fare bit to organise, do and buy before we take off.  I kept record! Have a look -
  • Car Service - $800
  • New Tyres - $240
  • Inverter - $50
  • Steering wheel cover - $17
  • Wood for our bed - $15
  • Cube Clock - $15
  • Containers - $215
  • Telstra Sim Card- $30
  • Bunnings - $23
  • BCF - $ 166
  • Super Cheap Auto - $240
  • JBHiFi - $80
  • Lights - $ 150
  • Battery Box - $150
  • Food Shopping - $125
  • Bits & Bobs - $75
Grand Total of - $2391

That is a lot of money I wan't planning on spending, But it was done. I guess we will see if all this was necessary before we go!

Will keep you posted!!

24 Feb 2013

Thoughts on our Hassie Australian Adventure

Well its been a long time planning - Our Hassie Adventure is finally here.
If you have been following us since the beginning, you would know we have been mentioning it since June 2012. Being February 2013 its a long time coming.

My thought on our Adventure - is a bit like Bi-Polar. I am all over the place. One minuet I am exited as hell the other I want to crawl away and hide.

Its a one time thing, I know, But you try and pack up everything and leave your life as you know it behind and jump in a van with a bit of cloths, a pot or pan, and water!! Scary right???

Well we are going to do it!!

E and I made 5 Goals that we would like to achieve during our Adventure.
  • Go to the Beach More
  • Be Outdoors more
  • Spend more time together
  • Gain more experience in Life 
  • Try New things
Now some of these things we do regardless, but its goals E and I wouldn't necessary have done if we stayed in Perth.

I am exited for the idea of this adventure but Scared of the unknown.

Gonna miss everyone!!

Keep reading I will try and keep everyone up to date!!

20 Feb 2013

Life Scout Badges - Haunted House

I don't like taking about my experiences in Haunted Houses - I always feel it might come and bight me in the ass. Or worse

This one occasion I can think of that really made the hair on my neck stand up is.

E and I were house sitting for my now father in- law. We were both sleeping in bed peacefully. When I had a vivid dream. I remember this dream very well - Dreaming about a older lady in a white dress, long grey hair and very thin, standing right next to me at a fair. It was scary enough with her standing next to me, when she suddenly turned to me and touched me!

As she touched me I woke up and right next to me - No kidding - she stood staring at me. Feeling like all the blood has drained from my body and I couldn't grab a breath, I turned away hugging E so tight. 

Since then I can't look in to that room or walk past with out getting chills down my spine. Haven't seen her since - But I am not going looking!


19 Feb 2013

Goal - 3000

YAY - there is people out there liking my bad grammar, silly spelling mistakes and over all bad story telling.

Thank you for everyone following and reading my diary - shame on you! nah I kid!!

6 months and look where we are at!!

Follow where you can


18 Feb 2013

Perth Colour Run

Its Been a colourful weekend for E and I.
Planning our Hassie Adventure, saying goodbyes and getting organised and packing our house away for storage.

Lets Start - Colour Run: oh what fun that was. Early start to our day, Took our time with the 5K and made sure we are all covered in the colors. Eek... I will defiantly do it again next year. Can't say more that the actual photo are showing you!!

Hassie Adventure

E and I have been super busy these past 2 weeks trying to get our van organised, serviced and ready for leaving, But its not been easy.
First - I had to get use to driving it, which wasn't to much trouble but its not like the pervious cars E and I have driven.
Secondly - ensuring it ready for a long drive - Service, tyres, wipers, bed in the back, etc... Ready for our BIG Australian Hassie Adventure.
Third - Packing the Van. Now as I write this, we haven't even started with packing it... ahhh I am struggling with packing our house into 8x 35L containers.
and Finally - Ensureing the house is packed and all is stored for when we return.

All in all we are exited if not tiered of one thing going wrong after the other, But we are gonna be ready now!!!

Will be keeping everyone posted as we go - finding it hard to put words to paper. E always reminds me how bad my grammer is or are or was... Whatever. This is my side of our adventure like I write it. Might not make sence but if for me to read one day when we are old. If anyone would like to ready it - Its there to share.

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13 Feb 2013

Life Scouts Badges - Parade

I like story time.... 

The first time E and I went to Sydney to visit and meet the family, we were there for Chinese New Year. It was the Year of the Rabbit (2011).

The reason this is such a memorable parade is because E and I were set to be married that year and
  1. 2011 Chinese New year - The year of the rabbit
  2. E and I call each other  - Hassie (means Rabbit)
  3. The year 2011 is the year we are getting married
  4. we got married on 11/11/11
See so that just seemed to have worked out well. I loved the idea that everything worked to our liking. I don't think many can say things just happened to be like the above and those who can.... Isn't it amazing - such a great feeling. 


10 Feb 2013

Life Scout Badge - Sydney Opera House

The first Life Scout Badge E and I got is the Sydney Opera Hourse Badge. 

As you might have read in previous posts, E and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary there. 
We really didn't want to spend so much money seeing we are going on a Hassie Adventure pretty soon. So we got a few crispy Creme Doughnuts and fruit and sat in the botanical gardens just outside the Opera House enjoying a picnic. 


5 Feb 2013

Instagram - January

A new year a New Adventure.

Lets see what January has brought us in Instagram photos....

  1. "Hello Pen, Been looking for you" - I always loose my pen. Sometimes I end up miss placing 3 to 5 different pens. I now have a pen necklace, but do you think I still find them?? NO & they are always where you are not looking!
  2. "No one can guess how much I love E" -  I love finding little cute books and this one has been catching my eye for a while now, and still haven't bought it... but a photo will do.
  3. "An apple a day, keep me sane" - This is my cup for all my cuppa's I have at work... Specially those times you need a few minuets to your self and not think about being at work.
  4. "Open Field, Open Mind" - E and I went to Bunbury the Australia Day weekend. Enjoyed our self too much... Can't wait for our Hassie Adventure
  5. "This is why I am E's wife" - I pack him same dinner/lunch for each night I would pick him up from work LATE! It keeps us away from the maccas. Been working
  6. "Walk like an Egyptian on the train tracks" - Same weekend E and I had down south. Think we would end up with too many photos on our Hassie Adventure. 
2 weeks to go then we are on our Hassie Adventure. Stay tuned for any updates.

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