30 Jan 2014

Hassie Adventure - Week 27

We got away from the mountain for a few days and E and I always take this time to reflect what we want to do in the future

Topic we have discussed

  • Family (Parents)
  • Babies
  • Traveling the world
  • Secrets
  • Friends
  • Problems
  • Statistic 
  • Weather 
To mention a few things. 

E and I are very honest with each other what we want and I am glad we know each other so well that when we bring up an issue we can discuss it. Although we do get angry and sometimes end up screaming (or I do, like E will remind me) but we discuss issues.

Guess the reason I mention this is because I don't want to be part of the statistics where couples get divorces because it gets to hard. I mean the second year of our marriage has been hard and there has been many time I have thought about leaving and I am sure E have felt the same but in the end, after cooling down we discuss it. And for that I am very grateful I have a personal like E in my life.

Here to many more fights and arguments.

Weekly Total:
  • Km Driven this week - 653
  • Places of Interest - 
      • The Nut
      • Table Cape
      • Tulip Farm
      • Edge of The World
      • Tarkine Rain Forrest
      • Sink Hole Walk

  • Paid Accommodation - None
  • $$ Spent - $453.56 (Excluding Gas)
  • Gas 
    • Litres - 65.68
    • $ - $106.92
    • Places:
      • Smithon
      • Burnie
      • Stanley


28 Jan 2014

Western Lookout


On the way home we were going to drive thru the Artur Reseve but 15minuet into the drive the closed the road. 

At the beginning it would have been nice to sign that the road has been closed at the turn off. Either way we got to stop at the Western Lookout with is kind of interesting,in the far distance in the last photo you can see trees, that is the forrest but around it is these grass plains. 

It where 2 different worlds connect.


26 Jan 2014

Sink Hole Walk


Our forrest weekend E and I tried to do all the different walks around our little spot we went to sleep. This was the 'Sink Hole Walk', although all the walks looks the same, this one I really didn't see the sink hole, unless we were walking in it the whole time. 

All in all its was a nice walk, beautiful environment to be in, the freshest of fresh air and the wild life is just lovely, some spots they have these feathers signs and if you stand there and listen there is a whole melody of song the birds sing to you.

We loved it so much the forrest didn't want to leave us (E got some forrest stuck on him while walking thru)


24 Jan 2014

Julies River Walk



A short walk but as always E and I took longer that what they 'advertise' it as being. There was times were we almost got lost - as all thru the forrest we have to look for these orange triangles on the tree pointing us to the next one. There was times were we didn't see the next one.

I had already thought about us - getting lost and having difficulty finding our way back to the van and then ended up in some forgotten tribe. 

It was a beautiful walk and E took many different photo and took his time, but I am sure when the film gets developed it will be worth it.

Just some more waiting involved.


22 Jan 2014

Mini Adventure - Julies River

This has by memory the most beautiful spot to stay at. It was for one night and we did so much exploring and doing different walks around the forrest.

We did the
- Julies River walk
- Sink Hole walk.

Its quite an nice spot to sleep as you can just make it a day trip and visit the forrest.


20 Jan 2014

Summac Lookout


This lookout we came across while E was still figuring out if we are lost or going to right way. We may have had a few words as all his job is directing us to the places we go, but sometimes I think he has difficulty readying map. 

This look out if all part of the Tarkine Rain Forrest we wanted to 'visit', its also the first Stop on the South Arthur Forrest Drive. 

Its just a spectacular look out and you get lost with the idea that out there in the forrest full of animals and all kind of forrest things.

I personally have visited a actual forrest. Now the Tarkine contains an extraordinary expanse of temperate rainforest - one of the world's greatest remaining tracts of temperate rainforest. Running continuously for more than 70km and reaching beyond the Arthur and the Pieman rivers. This tracts of rainforest is Australia's largest single tract of rainforest wilderness. Globally it is one of the most significant remaining tracts of temperate rainforest left on the planet.

* From The Tarkine Website*

On the third photo - I have never seen this post before and actually had to google if Bull Dust if an actual thing. I know Bull dust being an expression, so when it said there Bull Dust ahead I thought it was a joke and started cracking up. E couldn't remember what it actually is but reassured me its real. 

Now I am told via google that it is actually very soft, powdery dust. I can inform you that with all the rain we did not come across any Bull Dust.


18 Jan 2014

Edge of the world


On our mini adventure off the mountain we went to the Edge of the World. Its this beautiful locations, its located on the north west of Tasmania and is the longest uninterrupted expanse of ocean on the globe. From argentina the current sweeps with out being interrupted more than halfway around the plant until it hits this point.

While E went off and took his photos I really got lost in the sounds of the waves breaking between the rocks and old tree trunks. Some over the ocean and I never got wet. I of course had to get a photo taken of me on the trees.

It was a lovely spot and really special and surreal. Worth a visit when you get to to ever visit Tasmania.


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