4 Jan 2014

Looking Back at 2013


Happy New Year EVERYONE!!

What a year this has been for E and me. I was looking back at my previous 'Looking Back at 2012' Post and its amazing to see how far we have come.

2013 Has been an exiting, trilling, scary manic year for the both of us but looking back to what we have done is crazy and mind blowing.

Firstly I would like to just mention that some of the thing I will be mentioning hasn't been posted on the blog but those that have I will link and you can read the individual post on them if you would like to.

Now gosh where do I start, Guess back in the beginning of 2013.
  • We sold our car and bought a Van - AKA Van Gogh. Click here to read blog
  • We did the Colour Run the weekend before we left Perth. Click here to read blog
  • Started our Hassie Adventure all around Australia - Although for the past 9 months we have been Tasmania.
  • Been tick all the BIG things in Australia off by visiting as many as possible while on our travels. Click here to see some of the one we have ticked off our list. 
  • Started my Photo a Day on the 31 January. Click Here to see some of them
  • We have climbed a mountain - Click here Which was an unexpected goal we achieved. 
  • We did something Naughty but fun - Its a surprised Click here to find out.
  • Met so many new people I now class as good friends.
  • Still keep in touch with my 'Nieni' as I did say I wanted to keep her.
  • Been reading more books and quicker than E.
  • Traveled so many km and especially on one particular day I traveled 904km. Could have said I was pooped by the end of it.
  • Spend 4 day with out showering - and that was because we just had no where to shower. We did have baby wipes, which is why we bought them. To wipe ourselves of daily smells and just feel a little bit more fresh.
  • Started my Pen Pal club. Which if you want to be apart of my group of people I write to every now and then. Email me your address and your blog and I will start following you and we can write to each other. (ourrabbithole11@gmail.com)
  • Lived in the mountains where it snows. Click here
  • Been to the well know MONO in Hobart. Click here I highly recommend you go and see this place if your ever in Tasmania. It is just Mind Blowing amazing....
  • Started to stretch my ears and have stopped at 10mm (00g)
  • I also got my nose pierced and a second ear piercing. E got his Septum done - considering doing mine ... Maybe
  • I have become a coffee addict and cannot spot drinking it.... hmmmm COFFEE
  • I have started working in Food and Beverage - Which is something I thought I would never have the confidence to do. Click here
  • I havent been working as a nurse for about 9 Months - I do miss it but think its been nice to try new things. 
  • We celebrated our second wedding anniversary - and I am very glad we made it because its been crazy at times and we just about killed each other but Rome was not built in one day and this means we can't expect things to be easy as pie.
  • I have been keeping record of everything we have been doing on Our Adventures and how much money we have been spending and and and. Will be interesting to look back on all that.  
  • I have chopped off all my hair. It was time...
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