8 Jan 2014

New Years Resolution 2014

Well I didn't do to bad last year with New Years Resolution. I have thought of some new ones and review some old ones and let see how I go this year.
  1. To continue with my Photo a Day - Have just about done a year I would like to continue doing this for as long as possible
  2. Spend more time with E - This is from last year and I think it has worked well. I would like to continue this from them though.
  3. Try something new every month - I had this resolution last year but was to vague. I have reviewed it and I am hoping to try something new every months. you might see this new things on here.
  4. Be less angry - I have been working on this and will try to do even better this year. Last year it was very hard since E can press my buttons but I will be better
  5. Be less controlling - I would like to let go at times and just be but I have this urge to be in control and know everything will be ok. A work in progress.
  6. Be more spontaneous - This kind of works with the resolution above. I would like to just do something. My goal is to not think to far ahead and just do it, and not think to much of the consequences.
  7. Go to the Beach - Living on a mountain for 7 months last year did help. Hoping this year we can do better.
  8. Get into a exercise routine - I just want to be fit. 
  9. Aim to travel the world by the end of the year. - E and I have made a list of 5 spots we would like to visit and lets see if this year is out year to try
  10. Save money to travel - That is pretty self explanatory 
  11. Have little to no debt before we go travelling - the plan is to try and save for that trip and not reply on credit cards etc.
Lets see how I go this year. Fingers Crossed

Lets look back:

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