2 Jan 2014

Instagram - December


The last month of 2013 - this has been happening.

  1. "Lola and Carter" - E got us some amazing presents for Christmas. This is our new addition to our family.
  2. "Hasselblad Goodness" - E and his baby taking some photos of me while I am just enjoying my cuppa. I can do the same E.
  3. "Is it really possible to love someone this much?" - E and I had an adventure day in the town we live in and it just hits you, that you can't believe you can possibly love someone this much. Still can't comprehend it.
  4. "Enjoyed a day one some Kayaks" - We spent 3 hours on kayaks and exploring the environment from a different view. 
  5. "Just baked a few 100 biscuits" - We had a baking day were we spend a few hours making cookies and giving it to people for christmas.
  6. "New Styling" - E snapped this photo of me while again I was enjoying my cuppa. I had my hair pinned up and his glasses on and he like how I looked. Therefore the 'New Styling'.
Lets see what next year will bring in photos. 


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