31 Oct 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 46 - Big 4 Melbourne Caravan Park

This is the second time we stay at this spot and really we don't even do anything at the park. We tend to have a shower, sleep and leave the car there while we go around explore Melbourne. 

It's a lovely park otherwise - your very close to the city, 10mins walk from the tram line that takes you right where you want to be in the city and it's very clean. 

Even though it's pretty expensive for what we actually get we most likely will come back just because it's so nice and easy for those who doesn't want to drive around the city, like us. 

We give this spot  3/5 as we had a good time in the caravan park.

Previous Stay - READ ME


29 Oct 2014

A Bent Spoon

Walking around the markets you always see things that's nothing new - bags, gypsy cloths, jewellery and the usual this, the usual that. This time around I found a little something so special and so unique that I need to spread the word!! 

A man by the name Greg Mann has thought outside the box and has made something people tend think is junk, old or a waste of space. To me and my Nan it's something I can share a special memory with and end up being more of a keepsake.  

Gregg is making unique jewellery out of culinary items like souvenir spoons and many other items. The spoons are of importance for me, as my nan has for as long as I can remember, been collecting spoons from all around. Since E and I have been traveling I have been adding a few to her collection from some of the spots we pass by. 

I was very surprised to come across the exact same spoon I bought her in Tasmania but was made into a ring. Knowing my nan I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be into wearing such an unusual jewellery item so hoping and pushing my luck I was wondering I he had the exact same spoon again but in a necklace. With a sad no, I thought great now to look for a something else close to this. 

Greg kindly offered to bent the soon back and creat a necklace then and there for me to sent over. With that I knew I'd be the favourite grandchild EVER.

I recommend this to any and everybody reading this post to visit his Facebook page and see if something tickles your fancy on his online shop. 

Our generation is in fact all about recycling.. 

From me and my now bedazzled nan thank you very much for your kind heart to help and be one to think outside the box.

27 Oct 2014

Queen Victoria Night Markets


Going to the QVM is somthing everyone says you have to do!! We have walked thru it before where poeple are yelling 'musharoooom MUSHHHAROOOOOM' very humours. E still mimics it every now and then!!! 

This time around it was different, we heard about the night markets and E and I extended our stay in Melbourne just for that really - not a bad choice. 

We arrived not long after 5pm and it was busy but a nice kind of busy. Walked thru once and as soon as we thought about getting food - BOOM!! It's like busses and busses if people got off and walked thru. I think being in Tasmania where there is almost no people at markets like these is a bit overwhelming, and when you can hardly walk without bumping into someone its crowded.

Finally found a spot to eat our dinner and as I do when I am starving, I just about inhaled it! E got into the sangria and knowing him, it won't end to well... 

Getting a few nice bits and bobs and getting stuck at a shop for 1hour cause I can't choose which one I like. 

It was soon too busy for me to Handle, that I asked E if we could leave well kinda told me we SHOULD leave.

I'm pretty pooped and have had enough of the city life. 

25 Oct 2014

Australia Centre for Contemporary Arts (ACCA)

Last time E and I were in Melbourne, E wanted to visit the Contemporary Art gallery but we never found it. This time around we found it. 

I don't have much of an understanding of contemporary art or what makes something contemporary. To me it's something unusual but at the gallery there was 5 films going in different rooms some with music some silent, no description just what they were filled with and the artist name. I guess this makes you interpret the film for yourself? 

There was on piece called the 'Projector' I can't remember the artist name but it had a actual movie film projector running - it was a silent film and this film projector you hear running. 

The piece being displayed was a type writer being sprinkled with snow. Since there is not description and I didn't ask - for me I thought it represents how words is being lost behind white noise. White notice for in his situation was internet site using the written word - twitter, Facebook, blogger etc. 

Words don't have as much as of an effect, behind all the white noise on the Internet.... 

23 Oct 2014

Sprit of Tasmania


Thinking back at the last time we were in this boat we were sleeping thru the whole trip as it of course was a night trip. It's interesting being on a boat for about 8/9 hours doing nothing, sitting around reading, no reception so no face booking etc. I got to do quite a few blogs as I planned which made me happy and made the time fly by.

We had live entertainment, got to have a buffet lunch and lounged around literally. Quite nice to sit and do nothing and not to worry to be somewhere, do something or get ready for camping somewhere and when the boat stops we will be in a completely different place not to mention different state. 

Getting into the boat was stressful, thinking back I had difficulty trying to drive up a steep ramp when Van Gogh was still cold, praying to not stall and roll down is a feeling I don't want to come across again! We got to park at the very top level which was a relief as I was worried we might re-inact the last time... What a relief!   

Glad we got to experience the 2 different kind if trips the Sprit Of Tasmania offers.

21 Oct 2014

Lunch with my Tasmanian Favourites

Saying goodbyes is the worse thing to do in my opinion.  I always say 'until we meet again' as I truly mean it and that I want to make the effort to meet again!

For the few people I wanted to see before we leave 'our' Island Tasmania - two made the effort and joined me and E for a last lunch! 

It's funny how time flies and it's is all goodbyes, tears and promises then before you know it they are gone and you are off doing your own thing. These days with technology and things it's easier to keep in touch with message here and a snapchat there but is all well, only if everyone wants to 'keep in touch' as much as you do. 

I always try and text, snapchat, phone and now snail mail as much to remind these special people the are still part of my life. I stop as soon as I feel they don't give as much as I do. 

My favourites has shown me, I'm something to them too and for that I am very thankful and would keep them just for being so genuine to me. 

I will miss these favourites a considerable amount and until we meet again.

All the love from the bottom of my heart....

19 Oct 2014

Our Island Tasmania.

Sitting in Devenport , the place it all started 9 months ago. Not knowing what to expect and how much this little world would grown on us. 

Thinking back to everything we have done, who we got to meet and where we got to live makes it a state we will definitely be referring to as home one day again.

E states that the produce is the best in Australia and that he will miss the rolling landscapes. I realise we haven't been to every state and it's can't really be said but I'm going to anyway 'this is the best state'. 

Tasmania mark my words!! We'll be BACK!!

17 Oct 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 45 - Discovery Park

Located in Devenport where the link to the main land docks. E and I planned to have 2 days here where we can catch up with friends, organise ourself and just relax before the crazy drive to Queensland. 

This spot was beautifully laid out with easy access to town and facilities all around.

E and I organised power for ourselves and Hellen and Kuldar where we both will jump on the boat to the main land. 

We did fin being so close to the beach it was very cold and quite windy at times. E and I choose to stay in the tent so we get to leave in time for the Boat. 

We give this spot 3 Hassie Carrots.

15 Oct 2014

Shoe Fence

Driving up and down the east cost your will catch something and quickly make a mental note to go back and see what it all about. 

The last time we drove up from Hobart I made a point and even turned around to go see this Shoe Fence full of shoes that I kept on spotting and wanted to stop and see what is going on and maybe even leave mine behind. 

Stopping there, it seems kinda out of place. There is no reason visible why it is even there and why there is shoes on a fence, a little disappointing. I was expecting more shoes but we stopped anyway and I did leave my shoes there for no reason what so ever but to say I have left my shoes on a fence. 

Thinking back I wished I did put our names on them or something as proof it's our shoes etc. 

Something I never thought I'd do but - tick.

13 Oct 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 44 - Treasure Island Lauceston


On our way to Devenport from the East Coast we chose to break up our drive and stay at Launceston. Been in Lauceston many time before we choose to just settle in for the afternoon and read some books, do the washing  and organise the car before the boat trip back to the main in a few days. 

All the facilities is beautifully kept and the laundry one of the best ones we have been in. 

During the night is was a different story, it was so hot we had difficulty sleeping with our doors close but having our doors open the noise from the high way right next to the caravan park would keep everyone up. E and I found it very difficult and troublesome to fall asleep and have a peaceful rest.  For this reason we are giving it 1 Hassie Carrot.


11 Oct 2014

Hassie Australian Aventure - Week 47

This week has gone so fast, plans has changed, location has changed, explored and caught up with friends.

The boat is booked and next week we will be back on the 'main land' not to sure how I will feel about being back in 'normal' traffic. Think E and I will melt with the heat because being in Tasmania for almost a year we have gotten use to the nice cool, wet weather. 

Thinking about it I will really miss this beautiful state. We have grown to love it and would eventually move back to settle. 

We have done so much this week. Catching up with Heleen and Kuldar from he mountain. Their on their way back to the main land too and we happen to be catching the same boat back. 

Being on the main land also have perks, it's cheaper for my parents to visit and the other way around. 

I am very nervous and exited at the same time. 

  • Km Driven: 1132
  • Places of Interest: None
  • Paid Accommodation: Treasure Island Caravan park
  • $$ Spent: $1102.83
  • Gas:
    • Liters- 140.73
    • $- $214.71
    • Places
      • Launceston
      • Bicheno
      • Bagdad
      • Swansea
      • Sorell
      • Campbell Town

9 Oct 2014

House 17 Family


Since we left in such a hurry and didn't quite get to 'pose' for our family photo. I do have few photo's taken during the time we stayed there, I'll claim to be my family photo's.

Thinking back to when we moved in, we had the whole house to ourselves and was told there wasn't anyone expected to moved in. Our first day at work, got told someone has moved in - great. All our stuff is around and we kinda made our selfs at home. 

Arriving home and meeting Henry was a pleasant surprise. This thin scrawny looking guy with a big warm smile. He soon became someone we don't think we can ever forget and sharing a birthday with E makes even more special.

Then there was Stacy the loud one. She is such a bubbly personality I feel I need her around to make my sparking water bubble more. She is kind, sweet and has so many traveling stories to tell. 

A small family this time but a close one at heart. 

A sudden departure but hopefully get to catch up shortly.

7 Oct 2014

Bay of Fires

If you tell people you went to the East cost of Tasmania they will ask you 2 things, that is if they are even aware of this place called Tasmania.

1. Did you see Wineglass bay?
2. Did you go to the Bay of Fires?

Yes we have done both but, of us going to the Bay of Fires was a bit disappointing. Not sure if it's because we got to live on the east coast and got to see some beautiful beaches and those red rocks but soon we got there the weather was turning raining and dull - not a good start.

I guess it could also be because we knew we were leaving Tasmanian soon and just wanted to get going... Not sure.

We can say we have done it and hope other have a better experience than what we did.

Think it would have been better if the sun was out - but then again it's Tasmania, the sun is only a guest at times. 

6 Oct 2014

Instagram - September


This month I have been really lazy. Maybe more busy with life that I have forgotten to instagram my daily photos.

I did around 12ish in the month and now I am trying to catch up but no more excuses here is my selection of this month.

  1. Orange - My favourite summer fruit
  2. In my Cup - A yummy boat.
  3. How I feel - Exited for my day!!!
  4. Out of place - Anthony is in Nepal to be exact.
  5. I need - A Angus puppy
  6. DIY - Fridge art.
If you want to see my photos I try and post every day follow me @chante_cm11

5 Oct 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 43 - Friendly Beaches Campground

This is a very popular spot and has shown difficulty finding a spot to park your car or pitch your tent as it is a free camp and located so close to Freycinet National Park which has the famous Wine Glass Bay Beach and lookout.

We have tried to stay here a few nights back when we ended sleeping on the beach instead. This time we were lucky enough finding a spot and squeezing in with Helen and Kuldar. They slept in a tent behind Van Gogh and we made it work. Unfortunately being for Tasmania we had miserable weather with wind and rain constantly knocking on our door. So the camping was not as much fun as we wished it would be.

We made it wok and enjoyed our company. Give this spot 2 Hassie Carrots.


3 Oct 2014

Family Camp Dinner

Camping with our very first camping buddies - Heleen and Kuldar! As it was such a momentous moment we had to have a family dinner in celebration. 

We had a stout gravy, sausage and a rice meal, where we sipped on red wine and beer all while reflecting on Tasmanian life, work and travels.

Wasn't long before the mozzies started invading out lovely night and caused us to hide in our little sleeping heavens.

For a first camping family dinner I would say, it was a blast - even though we only had one chair to sit on. 

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