11 Oct 2014

Hassie Australian Aventure - Week 47

This week has gone so fast, plans has changed, location has changed, explored and caught up with friends.

The boat is booked and next week we will be back on the 'main land' not to sure how I will feel about being back in 'normal' traffic. Think E and I will melt with the heat because being in Tasmania for almost a year we have gotten use to the nice cool, wet weather. 

Thinking about it I will really miss this beautiful state. We have grown to love it and would eventually move back to settle. 

We have done so much this week. Catching up with Heleen and Kuldar from he mountain. Their on their way back to the main land too and we happen to be catching the same boat back. 

Being on the main land also have perks, it's cheaper for my parents to visit and the other way around. 

I am very nervous and exited at the same time. 

  • Km Driven: 1132
  • Places of Interest: None
  • Paid Accommodation: Treasure Island Caravan park
  • $$ Spent: $1102.83
  • Gas:
    • Liters- 140.73
    • $- $214.71
    • Places
      • Launceston
      • Bicheno
      • Bagdad
      • Swansea
      • Sorell
      • Campbell Town

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