29 Aug 2013

Devils @ Cradle


What an exiting day, since we were in Tasmanian I made E take me too a Tasmanian Devil Sanctuary where I can see an actual Tas.
I knew they we're real but I have been told they are all extinct -  they aren't but is very close. There for all these Devil Sanctuary like Devils @ Cradle is so important in research and ensuing they keep the number up.

We got there and joined a tour where you get told about the Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) that is killing off these fluffy cute things.

DFTD is a cancerous sarcoma that affects 30-50% of wild Tasmanian devils. The Disease is characterised by the development of ulcerated tumours around the jaws and head of the animal. The disease is fatal and an individual usually starves to death with in 2-5 months of the first signs of the tumour. The spread of DFTD is unusual as each tumour that has been investigated is a clone. That means that it has the identical misreading of the original host's genetic cod, with the same number of damaged chromosomes. The fact that each tumour is identical suggests that the disease is not environmentally stimulated but the chemical or carcinogens but is directly transmissible between two individuals.

*From the Devils @ Cradle website*

For more information on DFTD please Click here and find out what is causing these Devils to disappear.

On a slight happier note - for mothers that I adopted a devil for my mum. His name is Ralfie and he is only 1 years old. 
I recommend you adopt one for yourself - its only $50 for 12 months and you get a 6monthly newsletter update on your Devil. Just Click here and follow the instructions or see any Devils Sanctuary near you.

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