26 Aug 2013

First Snow Day



It's such a BIG YaY day. I rand back to the room and almost jumped on E, waking him up just to come and see the snow!!

I have seen snow before as a little chile but E has never seen snow! Although I acted like it was my first time too. I was even better to enjoy it with E. YaY!!
The only thing that was annoying is that E and I both had to work - so now building snowmen and having a snow ball fight just yet.

Having to work outside in the snow is a different challenge over all, Wasn't really cold but wet! It was raining and then would snow - I did get to catch some snow flake on my tough which is always the best.

By the time I finished work the snow has just about disappeared, and nothing left to play with and E only finish at 9pm so no luck for him.

Hoping to have another snow day very soon.

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