29 Mar 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 17 - Launceston

Our 17th spot on our adventure is a City called Launceston, second biggest city in Tasmania. We only got to stay one night but spoilt ourselves rotten. We booked ourselves into a hotel, drove to the most yummiest of Yum Cha joints and had an amazing dinner, we asked for the chefs choice and got over whelmed with just YUM!! Driving back to our hotel a bit tipsy was not recommended (and Illegal) but added to our night experience. 

Van Gogh didn't get to go with us as he was still unwell at the time and had to stay at Car Hospital one more night. 

Launceston is the city we would visit quiet often on our days off. The 2 hour drive never felt too long with the beautiful scenery around us from the mountains and fields. We felt like Launceston was more a place to call 'home' as it had shops we would frequently visit back home in Perth. It just had more variety and a large selection of shops suited for our lifestyle. 

We give this spot a 3 Hassie Carrots and hope to have a longer visit next time.


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