18 Mar 2014

New Look...

Welcome to our new look,
Took me sometime to decide on something I like and feel will work with the blog. I have mentioned before I change my mind and systems so much I start to annoy myself. Saying that I am so Happy with this layout I feel confidant it will stay!!

Hope you can find your way around as easily as its as much fun for you to explore as it was for me to create. 

 But before you go and explore I would like to explain a few links you may not have known about before.

There is a lot more than what I would generally have below my posts. The 3 new Ones I would like to point out. 

The Heart is Bloglovin - If you want to follow me I have made it easier.
If you are interested how my pin boards looks like Check out my Pinterest by clicking the P.

And last by the most exiting is a link to E's tumblr where you can check out his amazing skills and photos that has been posted.

Hope this give you some things to waste some of your time with! Until next time I see you here... Keep smiling. 

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