31 Mar 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 18 - Rose Bay Park

As we do on some of our days off we explore the land. One this lucky day we drove to the Tamar Valley, now if you a wine guru and know your wine locations you would recognise that this is a well know wine producing area. Now knowing that you would think E and I will be exploring the wineries but nope -  instead we stayed at the  lovely little spot besides the road looking over the river and getting lost in all its beauty. 

Only down side was that it is right beside the road but free none the less. E and I was discussing that having a free camp spot next to a play park is risky, especially since we live in a Van. E jokingly suggested we should write "Free Candy" on our van. That isn't and will not happen!! 

Driving as the sun was setting we took some time finding this spot but  eventually realised we have only driven past in 500 times. (not really). It was quite cold right next to the river.

We give this spot 2 Hassie Carrots, just cause it was a place to sleep. There wasn't much to actually do.

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