30 Oct 2012

Hassie Adventure - Step 2

We are still planning on going traveling. Organised the route - although that is subject to change. Google'ing information and making a lot of TO DO lists.

A lot has happend since my last update to Hassie Adventure - good news all in all.  
Now told my manager, art teacher and all the staff I work with. E hasn't told his people yet - he is waiting! So now I have stepped down as Supervisor and going back to just being an Enrolled Nurse for the oldies. It's less stress, meaning I can focus on planning things for our Hassie Adventure.
I am slightly sad about leaving my job - I am currently so happy with the people I work with and they seem to like me, such a difference from the previous place I worked - where if I think back I realise I as bullied!

Then we have been looking at some vans!! OMG - I love it... its our first house!! How exiting!! (will keep you posted)

We are basically saving up BIG time :( no shopping for me - But thinking about it : IT's Worth IT!!

I am super exited - we are thinking to start February: but that can change as well.... Keep an eye out for our Adventure Spots soon

25 Oct 2012

Live to be a 100??

People born 100 years ago would typically live to the ripe old age of 50 years, while children born this year and years to come, are expected to live to age 80 and even beyond.
A study of our elderly shows some general guidelines that you and I can follow in order to help extend our own life, regardless of your age.

Reading these made me giggle and thought I should share for some education as well as a reminder to live by. 
1. Be born a female. Hard to do much about this now if you care a male, but females have been outliving males for centuries. Yay me. 
2. Stay married. Married people live longer than single people - 10 years longer for men, 4 years for women. Well E and I have this one down packed. 
3. Eat less. Research shows that life expectancy can be extended by eating less. Oh my this is something I will struggle with and well seeing that E is a chef, food is very much part of our life. 
4. Pass up refined sugar. Eating excessive refined sugar can speed the aging process. 
5. Use little salt. Getting used to salt-free tastes will take some time, but excessive salt intake taxes the heart and kidneys.
6. Reduce protein intake. Ingesting too much protein stresses the body and reduces your ability to fight disease.
7. Regular exercise. No need to spend a fortune for a gym membership. Brisk walking improves circulation, metabolism and emotional well-being and can add years to your life.
Don't take a single day for granted! So I want everyone to turn a 100... see you in a century!!

21 Oct 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

Now, I'm no fan of reading books they is promote, every one talks about and is supposedly going to bring a baby boom!!

It ridiculous whats been on the media, I am sick of hearing about this and can't believe peoples live is that boring to think a book is going to change their sex life.

I've read them all - fifty shard of grey, darker and freed.
First of all - its an easy read. I don't know much about grammar, spelling or etc. I read a book for the story and don't think about the words it self really.

The Characters:
Anastasia  Grey - I was annoyed at her the most... argh - she is a frustrating character - 'oh my fifty' oh my boy' it's really annoying to hear her subconscious snarling at her all the time and how she is hesitant to about everything that has to do with 'Mr Grey'. I did like the fact that she stood up to him, not let him walk over her too much, he is very controlling, domineering over woman, I would like him to know how it feels - so high five for her.

Christian Grey - I think this book has done so well is because the man Christian Grey is - is every girls dream. You have no worry about money, Is suppository very handsome, hot, sexy. A man who will stop every thing he is doing to be with you, Buy you to starts, moon and sun when you ask and
have 'bindblowing' sex all the time  I realise he has had a troubled past - but every girl wants a man they can 'save'.

Relationship - I could not stop thinking through out the book - "what if Christian was a poor man' would this still be a good story or will be be a weirdo who likes 'kinker' sex? Christian does a lot for his family, and Ana. He can, he has the money - he keeps saying through out the book. Was just interesting to think about him poor and he the relationship would have been with 'normal people stresses'

Sex- people have been going on about this crazy sex, Hard core, mommy porn. Now I found the sex quiet boring, maybe cause she was describing every little thing in detail and how Ana is thinking about what ever is bothering Christian during sex - it gets distracting and you loose tract of what is actually happening. I actually ended up skipping the sex but the end of the first book and did the same with the others.

I enjoyed reading the story because of the love story. Christian is described as a man who is strong, brave and striking but throughout the book you realise he isn't, he is hiding behind this shield he build.  By the middle of the second book Ana starts looking after him, helps him with his problems and SPOILER ALERT - gets married and have babies.

Its a common story and I felt like I knew what was coming but not when...

I do recommend you read it, its a good story and if your a sucker for a love story and an happy ending then this is the book for you.

I am interested though on how they are going to make these books a movie.... its going to be a porno with all the sex they have. , I mean they have sex a lot - no real person can have this much sex and still run a company. The sex is ever second page and then sometimes every second paragraph - its tiring to read actually - specially because I wanted to get to the happy ending.

18 Oct 2012

How to put it in words...

When someone ask you why you love him/her- it's hard to give a answer ... Don't you think?

I have been with E for 5 years already and I know I don't want to be in this life without him - even though he drives me insane! But putting it in words why I love him is hard! Well I think anyway. This might sound like I don't love him but its the OPPOSITE!!

E and I say 'I love you' all the time- isn't that really all that matters that he loves me and we don't need a reason for it?
Doesn't actions show your love? And therefore you know he love me?
I know its nice to be made like your the only one! And your the one for him. ... But to realistic its not possible... All nice and that but the little things makes me feel special!

E can just give me a kiss out of no where and I known then!

I mean try it? Try saying in words why you love your partner/husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/dog/cat/etc

Love comes in different ways and it all depends on the person receiving it - to like it or not!

It's hard putting it in words!! Try?

13 Oct 2012

Australian Citizenship

 My family after we became Australian Citizens. From left to Right, My brother, me, Mum and dad.
 I love that I am now an Australian. 

On the other and my brother needs to learn how to take photos... These are what I am left with.

10 Oct 2012

Instagram - September

Here is my Instagram photos of September : 

  1. "E's editing Skills" - This is one of E photos he took of me with his film camera, I did not like the refections in my glasses there fore I asked him to edit them out and this is what I was left with.
  2. "A Inspiring Spring Day" - This was taken in Margaret River at the Berry Farm... I was this beautiful setting I could not miss by snapping some polaroid photos (to think of it, I haven't looked at the polaroid photo since I took it ... Wonder how it turned out)
  3. "I Pledge My Loyalty To Australia And Its People" - I am an Australian Citizen, no longer an African Slave as E likes to call me!
  4. "It's Snowing In Perth" - Nien and I were watching some snow - as our TV does not quite work unless we watch DVD.... No point of fixing it as we tend to either read in bed. Great life... Some might disagree
  5. "Tree Get Cold Too" - This was taken in Fremantle, We found these tree covered in wool. I loved it, I would cover a whole town in wool. It would be like a Dr Suess's world. 
  6. "E and I Enjoying Freo" - E and I enjoyed a day in Freo, Breakfast, Book Shop and an enjoyable read in the park.
  7. "Tell Me What" - I was making E and I some sandwiches as he says that is why he married me - well I could not resist taking this photos.... And my mom says 'Don't play with your food".... she would not be enjoying this photo if I didn't... Sorry Mum
This is my September favourites.... Gosh this is before Hassie Adventure - Think when E and I go... I will have thousands of photos I would like to share.

Keep smiling.

8 Oct 2012

Instagram - August

Here is my Instagram photos of August : 

  1. "A Picnic for 2" - E and I when for a picnic at Lake Monger, Perth. What a lovely day it was... I got attacked by a black swan... I will have pictures as evidence!!!
  2. "Showing off my Skills" - You know what they say about girls who can tie a cherry stork in a knot with their tongue.... She eats a lot of cherries. 
  3. "You quake me up" - I was emailed the photo and just couldn't resist to share it.... Keep smiling
  4. "Oh how much I love him" - E got into my biscuits and when i opened that pack I got this lovely letter saying (Yep, you guessed it. I've never had one of these before! Love you)
  5. "Strange to think once we were strangers" - I love this photo, Janine (Nien) and I up in the hills having fun... gosh to think only a few months about we weren't friends.
  6. "Meow" - Not my cat. I am more a dog person. This is Tommy, he is the cat at my art class... he likes to pass by your legs and meow until you make sure you acknowledge him. I like him but glad I only spend 2 and half hours a week with him... Cat are so demanding. 
This is my August favourites.... they were hard to choose as I had a few I liked.... but can't post them all

Keep smiling.

5 Oct 2012

Photo a Day - Recap, Day 25 - 31

Photo a Day Challenge - Recap

Click on the links for the Post - There it explains about the photos and reason it was chosen.

Day 28 - Cup
Day 29 - Last Thing You bought
Day 30 - Calm
Day 31 - Toothbrush

3 Oct 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Recap day 1 - 12

 Photo A Day Challenge - Recap...

Day 1 - Self Portrait
Day 2 - Busy
Day 3 - Best Part of Your Day
Day 4 - Fun
Day 5 - On The Road
Day 6 - Chair
Day 7 - Garden
Day 8 - Lunch
Day 9 - Big
Day 10 - Your Favourite Colour
Day 11- Letter
Day 12 - Texture

1 Oct 2012

Day 31: Toothbrush

...Day 30 of Photo a Day Challenge...

This photo was taken on October 2011.
We had a Pijama day at work, I woke up and didn't brush my teeth. Quickly did it at work, not after snapping a photo. Its great fun working with oldies and exposing them to things they wouldn't dare to do. It was great fun and loved the oldies opinions. 

Love looking back at memories!!

Next - Recapping the past 31 days... YAY I have done it.... Finally

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