8 Sep 2014

Cascade Brewery


Every heard of the brewery Cascade? 

Neither did I until we moved to Tasmania. No matter where you go in Tasmania, you just about hear every tourist  say they wants to try it and that the locals don't want to share it.

We got to do a tour inside the brewery. Little did we know the day we choose to go - the factory wasn't operating. VERY DISAPPOINTING!! But got a feel either way. 

Quite interesting knowing this is the oldest operating brewery within Australia. It was founded in the 1800 and is still going strong. 

I don't knowing about beer but found it interesting none the less. The history was what got me and the beautiful property. 

I should mention they do brew cider and it's quite nice. I did try and loved the sweet cider. E tried some differ beers and liked the Stout, the bailie got roasted and the added to the beer. I quite interesting taste - the bailie almost has coffee flavour to it. We tried the Stout ice cream and it was like caramel coffee flavour - quite delicious! 

We would like to return but maybe a day when it's actually operating as I'd like to see everything happen just like it's shown on 'How it's made' TV shows. 

Might soon turn into a beer drinking person!

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