16 Sep 2014

Port Arthur - Commanders House


This house is just beautiful!! So much so that I wish I could kidnap it and take it somewhere where E and I could live in it happily ever after, but of course that isn't possible and I am sure a few people would notice when a house is being carried out!

Walking thru this house and seeing how it has changed to accommodate everyone who lived in it over the year, made me wonder just how much the house you live in at home may have changed.
Rooms has being added, walls being knocked out, doors removed or added, hall ways and windows placed at various places. Rooms change for different proposes over the many years, just amazing!

Each room was decorated or left as it was back then and now seeing it and thinking how it all would have worked, played out or been used. The kitchen and the pantry is one of my favourite rooms, if i every have a dream kitchen/pantry and it was possible this will be it!

I love looking at how things has changed but always wish I was in those times, realising of course women weren't treated the best at times, but maybe just to go back for one day and reflect on how things has changed for the better or the worse.

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