28 Sep 2014


Sitting here while we wait for E to get deliberately burned. I find myself extremely nervous - almost like I'm getting burned myself.

Seeing what is drawn up and where it will go sure makes E exited but as he was saying. "Starting with this (scarification) where many have plenty of tattoos first and then get this. I just jump in head first." 

Benny was talking E thru the process and getting things ready, the thought that this is going to happen is real! As he turned the 'wand' on and us seeing the red flaming point that will be burning our skin, I felt like running away.

The first burn as you can see was and looked painful. Benny did state the area he will start with is the most sensitive spots and will be the worse bit of pain. To me everything single bit looks like the worse. You could smell the burned hair and E's burning flesh.


In the end it looks pretty cool - I can't image the end result though. Can't wait and guess we will see then.

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