28 Mar 2016

John Edwards

Do you have a memory of a to show your parents may have watched when you were young? My memory is of my mum watching 'Crossing Over'. It's a studio audience of a psychic medium who speaks to loved ones from the otherwise. It's not a sci-fi movie or show it's an actual thing and it's huge!!  

This year I was trying to expose myself to different events and make sure E and I get to enjoy shows we have always wanted to see. Stumbling a pon - John Edwards live show and quickly sending the link to mum, was just the thing to brighten up her day. She freaked out and (This is Way in Feb) she naturally got tickets straight away - ViP ones too.

The night soon came along, and the excitement of 'being read' is becoming real. At first I didn't want it to happen but after the first reading I got more and more exited and hoped it did! (It didn't) 
While sitting in the audience and seeing it write in front of me - really made me tear up! This world we live in is so big and crazy, how on earth can we say that this isn't true and can't happen!?? This year I noted and I guess opened my mind to the possibility of greater things - why not spiritually too. 

Being in a house hold where mum and dad believed there is a 'other side' I never really thought differently. Being older I can expand and mild my own thoughts and truly Think there is a bigger story we can't see and yet to understand. 

Mum thank you for making me go - even thought I was worry about being read!

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