30 Nov 2015


Since E started at the new job and being home for dinner. We finally got to enjoy a valentines dinner out. 

It started with a few drinks at Ezerapound  the made our way to PappaRich, where we only had to wait 30odd mins for a table. The service and food are quite quick and good that the wait wasn't long with E entertaining me but we easily forget that everyone choose to go out on Valentine's. 

None the less it was a fun night out and glad I get to enjoy more time out with E.

27 Nov 2015

Giant Little Girl

This year for the Perth international art festival, they decided to open it with a BANG. A 3 day travel journey where this little girl giant walks thru the city Perth. 

While E was working, mum and Anthony came to visit and see if we can spot this giant roaming around the city. 

Not very far from our lovely rabbit hole we enjoyed a lovely breakfast and coffee while everyone soon started to gather to the park nearby where the little giant was said to have a 'siesta'. Not long after we found our spot for n the front the little giant soon made her appearance.

It was quite fascinating 20 odd people bring this little girl to life. Each puppeteer having their little job, they made it look so easy just as if they learned a dance.

Considering how much was said to have been paid to bring them to Perth. It defendant my brought BIG crowds to the city!!

25 Nov 2015

Australia Day

Spending a day where you can celebrate a day, where everyone is seen as one and can get together and try to remember what we share and love.

Mine started with s busy day at work,trying to catch as many  songs from Triple J Hottest 100. 

E and I got a few nibbles and walked (and I mean walked) to the foreshore about 1 half long walk. Fireworks only started at 8:30pm, luckily when we arrived at 6:15pm we found a spot right near the river with a great view where no one can really sit on us or in front of us. PERFECT

We sat in the park enjoying the view and eating our nibbles before the fireworks start at dusk. 

I don't know about your town/city but here in Perth the Australian day fireworks is the big one. So much so that we have 35 mins of it. We don't have any at New Years but 35 mins of it on Australia Day can't they half it and share it with new year eve?

23 Nov 2015

Ally From The Vintage Valley

I may or may not have mentioned in the past who my inspiration was to start blogging. Thinking back I started reading The Vintage Valley after Google'ing vintage styles for our wedding in 2011, and since then stuck exploring the wonderful world of Vintage clothing, I got hooked with all the beautiful, intricate hair styles and stunning op shop clothing wins she regularly posted and therefore soon because a regular reader. A few years down the line and still very much my favourite blog to read - and today I finally met the lovely Ally.

This weekend I bumped into Ally while walking thru Perth. In a state of excitement and disbelieve, I somehow got a few world out - that hopefully made sense. I thought I would be a bit more 'put together' and calm but it none the less, it happened the way it did. 

So much was wanted to be said. This was is a yay moment and had to be shared. Surely made my day. 

Go read her blog you will 'ooh and aaw' with lovely little bits you didn't think you wanted. 

20 Nov 2015

Van Dwellings

Ever since we got back E and I don't get to enjoy the van life anymore. We live in the city and our beautfull old van is kept at our parents house so the trouble is to get it each time for adventures.

This was the first time we got to jump into the van and see where the road was taking us. On this trip E and I went to the Perth hills and saw our family but not before enjoying the lesmurdy lookout. 

I miss the Van Life.

18 Nov 2015


Yes, men can drive you insane! I know mine can push my buttons and stretch my patients to the thinnest! 

This time he decided to do something that made my stress level  reach its highest limit. 

He payed someone to cut him to on purpose! Crazy I know, but its actually a thing. The artist is trained with a steady hand and can do all kinds designs and its a popular thing. I know E has always been the one to try something different and I'm always a bit hesitant when he would tell me about it. 

This time I am honestly in love with the design and it just perfect for him . (ps if you don't get it - He is a chef)

E - give me some time to gain my stress level back so I can manage the next extreme thing you choose to do.

16 Nov 2015

Art Opening

E and I have always wanted to attend a art opening for a gallery or artist. Never did we realise we would get the opportunity to attend a art opening for a good friend of ours who was one of the many artist who work was being showed. 

This is Nelson we first met him and his lovely other half Christina back in 2008/2009 when Nelson started working with E. We then got to enjoy his beautiful 'doodles'.Now almost 7 years later we get to see his work displayed, while having the opportunity to purchase a few for our place. 

See the ones in our rabbit hole (here)

Nelson and Christina we would like to thank you for inviting us along for this amazing experience and life goal. Here is to many more art exisibitions and adventures to come. 

13 Nov 2015

Hyde Park

Park adventures, my new favourite thing. Ever since E and I moved to the city and everything seems to be walking distance from home, it was only soon we would find a park we can't live in. 

this is Hyde park - or rather this is us lying on the grass in Hyde park. I realise there seem to be Hyde park in England too but trust me ours is nicer. 

I can just sit here and listen to the tree while sipping on a coffee and reading a book. 

Just mesmerising!!

11 Nov 2015

Blind Movie Date

Have you ever been to a movie with out knowing what is showing? Well E and I did this once out of the blue. I think Mabel I need to explain a bit more.

E and I are the kind of people who don't go to the movies, we enjoy them when they come out on Netflix and j can pause it and go to the loo with out kissing any of the good parts. This particular day E and I were really just riding pass and noticed the moonlight theatre and walked in (paying for tickets of course).

The movie showing was a silly kid one but didn't stop of from cuddling on some bean bags and stealing a kiss or two from each other. 

So much nice!!

9 Nov 2015

Bike Adventures

I guess you can call us hipsters? I don't know and honestly don't care. E and I see no need for car at this time and quite enjoy taking our bikes out for adventures around 'town'. E uses his more and therfor doesn't die like I do, he uses his to commute to and from work. He often say lets go for a ride and I grunt a big 'NO'. When we do it's always a treat.

Writing this tho my bikes is currently standing in our lounge with a flat wheel and no future plan of being fixed - I don't know how (honestly don't want to learn, otherwise I need to ride it) so in waiting for E to do it. He has offered already - I'm just not pushing it. 

Here's to future bike adventures - hopefully not too long distance.

6 Nov 2015

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