30 Sep 2014

Wineglass Bay Lookout


While roaming around Tasmania we organised to take Heleen and Kuldar up to Wineglass Bay Lookout - I forgot how hard it was to get to the top and this time it feels like we are not as fit as we were the first time. 

We actually had to stop a few time to catch our breath and gain our strength back to climb this mountain. 

But at the top it was just a pretty as I remember it and glad we got to share it with them. It's was just as buzzy as ever, although we found parking quicker and didn't have ranger danger like before. 

Such an amazing place with great company. 

28 Sep 2014


Sitting here while we wait for E to get deliberately burned. I find myself extremely nervous - almost like I'm getting burned myself.

Seeing what is drawn up and where it will go sure makes E exited but as he was saying. "Starting with this (scarification) where many have plenty of tattoos first and then get this. I just jump in head first." 

Benny was talking E thru the process and getting things ready, the thought that this is going to happen is real! As he turned the 'wand' on and us seeing the red flaming point that will be burning our skin, I felt like running away.

The first burn as you can see was and looked painful. Benny did state the area he will start with is the most sensitive spots and will be the worse bit of pain. To me everything single bit looks like the worse. You could smell the burned hair and E's burning flesh.


In the end it looks pretty cool - I can't image the end result though. Can't wait and guess we will see then.

26 Sep 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 42 - Treasure Island.


Yes you guessed it we are back again. 

This was only a very short stay and one to re change everything! It's a perfect spot to stop at if you need a bit more city life. 

We give this spot 3 Hassie carrots again!!

24 Sep 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spots 41 - Mayfield

We said we wanted to be back and fully explore this spot. 

Last time we arrived 2am and left pretty early (Read about it here)

This time we arrived while the sun was still up, but by golly it was hot, almost Perth hot. The Van was sticky inside and we were getting annoyed but the wind was blowing  cooling us off just a touch. 

Some people were burning fires (even though it was banned).

E and I both enjoyed the time to read our book and just relax. It seems we don't do this enough.

We give this spot 3 Hassie Carrot.


22 Sep 2014

Old Hobart Town


A replica of the original layout of how Hobart looked in the early 1820s. 

This display of old Hobart took 3 year to research and set up. It's made of 400 little people and few buildings.

Walking through the model of Hobart and thinking back on how it looks today. It's sad to see almost nothing resembling the 1820's like this, or not that I am able to tell. 

We almost take it all for granted and kind of expect things to be what it is now. You don't think or realise all the work that goes into preserving such buildings with 'kids these days' and not just them but the weather as well. 

I would love to see everything as it was those years ago - to walk thru the buildings almost reliving how they lived. To think they survived with no electricity, Internet or Google. 

Times surely has changed, in some way for the better in others for the worse.

20 Sep 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 40 - Nubeena

I don't know how I feel about this spot.
It was located in a small fishing town and is part of the bowls grounds but finding it wasn't the easiest thing. 

When we got there, we wanted to pay the camp fee to be allowed to use the bathroom but the building was locked and no contact number - which meant I had to tinkle in the bushes! 

An experience none the less - we didn't get killed and we got a good nights sleep, all that matters

We give this spot 2 Hassie carrots.

19 Sep 2014

Port Arthur Cards


When you arrive at Port Arthur and pay for your ticket, they give you a card and tell you to find your sentence.

I got the Queen of Hearts and E got the 6 of Diamonds. In the court room you find your convict and their sentence and then get to follow their story.

I was quite surprised at how little people were sent to jail for. If this was still the way I would most likely have been sent to jail for picking my nose.

Over all, this was a great way to get everyone involved and gain some understanding before going to the buildings and hearing, seeing and experiencing how prisoners would have lived. You get to keep these cards and if you go 50 more times you could end up with a whole pack of cards.

Over all Port Arthur was just stunning.

18 Sep 2014

Port Arthur - Seperate Prison


This was the most interesting to see, I know I have been saying this a lot for all these Port Arthur Posts.
I was imaging this place to be like a asylum, where people had padded walls and nothing in the rooms but I was surprised to see hammocks, tables and books.

I understand that they were locked up for 23 hours each day in a single cells. Where they ate, slept and worked with just one hour a day allowed for exercise alone in a high walled yard. 

The separate prison was designed to deliver a newer form of punishment, of reforming the convicts through isolation and contemplation.

They have a church inside the building where your in a cubical just like a coffin standing up where you can only see in front of you where the reverend would preach and the only time they were allowed to use their voice was when they sang, and standing there while they place 'prisoners sining', you get goosebumps.

It's was said that throughout the whole separate prison it was so quite, that the convicts had to and reflect on what crime they have committed.

New convicts would go strait into the separate prison where they are stripped of their possessions, hair and their beard is cut and get given a number which is what they will be referred to within the separate prison. 

Somewhat feel like this should come back into our society for prisoners these days. I feel some are treated better than what our elderly in aged care facilities are treated!

17 Sep 2014

Port Arthur - The Penitentiary


The Penitentiary is the face of Port Arthur. When you ever google it, you will see it is part of the logo. When you walk in this is the building you notice before you see anything else at the site. Its quite a stunning building, as it originally was a flour mill but then converted into a four story Penitentiary due to is failure to supply adequate flour for the settlement. 

The two lower flours contained 136 cells for prisoners of 'bad character'. 
The top floor provided spaced for 480 better behaved convicts to sleep in bunks. 
The very large inductrial area near the penitentiary (the one E and I are standing with the building behind us) included workshops where prisoners worked and trained in a range of skills. Sadly there is no longer any visible evidence above the ground.

Over all I quite enjoyed the visit at Port Arthur, would go back again and again and again. 

16 Sep 2014

Port Arthur - Commanders House


This house is just beautiful!! So much so that I wish I could kidnap it and take it somewhere where E and I could live in it happily ever after, but of course that isn't possible and I am sure a few people would notice when a house is being carried out!

Walking thru this house and seeing how it has changed to accommodate everyone who lived in it over the year, made me wonder just how much the house you live in at home may have changed.
Rooms has being added, walls being knocked out, doors removed or added, hall ways and windows placed at various places. Rooms change for different proposes over the many years, just amazing!

Each room was decorated or left as it was back then and now seeing it and thinking how it all would have worked, played out or been used. The kitchen and the pantry is one of my favourite rooms, if i every have a dream kitchen/pantry and it was possible this will be it!

I love looking at how things has changed but always wish I was in those times, realising of course women weren't treated the best at times, but maybe just to go back for one day and reflect on how things has changed for the better or the worse.

15 Sep 2014

Port Arthur - Church


This is a beautiful building. Said to be on the hill so that when the prisoner would work they would feel like they are the lowest of low and need to work to become a a man of God again. 

It would hold more than 1100 people at one time. It was compulsory for all convicts at attend. 

Much of the decorative stonework and joinery in the church building was crafted by the hands of prisoner boys.

As much as this was a church for convicts you feel calm and at peace when you walk thru. I could lay on the grass inside the ruins and just relax and get lost.. 

Absolutely stunning place.


14 Sep 2014

Port Arthur Historic Site


I found this really hard to process. 

This will need context I know, but it's hard to really explain since I'm still gob smacked about how things were back then and how things are now.

Port Arthur was a prison community where prisoner women, men and children from the age of 7 was sent to Tasmania from England as punishment. Looking at what was here before and what's here now, makes it impossible for me to kind of see where and how it all worked. 

Maybe since there is so much vegetation in between now which makes the area look smaller or I'm just not open minded to images it all - but over all it's amazing what stories can be told from the remaining buildings and grounds.

From the remaining Church ruins to the Commanders House and the other famous building like The Penitentiary was so interesting I had to do individual post on each and every one of them.
Walking around in the ruins you can only try and image how things were laid out and how thousands of years ago who people were walking in the very same spot you were but experiencing it so differently.

The grounds  are are kept so beautifully that people choose to have their weddings here! 

12 Sep 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 39 - Treasure Island

We have stayed her once before while we were visiting Hobart. It's one of the many caravan park in the CBC. We find we like this one because it write on the water, price isn't bad and it's close to the city. 

We did stay here for 2 nights while we were kind of figuring out what our next step was.

We basically did nothing the whole time enjoyed the luxury of having a shower every night and see more of Hobart and surrounds while we can.

We give this spot a 3 Hassie carrots

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