1 Dec 2012

Instagram - November


November is always a busy month for E and I - This year we spent it in Sydney (only a few days) but as always we go photo crazy. This is my November Fav Instagram Photos I posted. It was hard to choose...
  1. "Sydney'ness" - E and I took a ferry from Mosman after a beautiful day, walking around and i snapped this great photos with my iPad while our way back to Circular Quay.
  2. "Movember Madness" - E and I enjoyed a Palmier which is oddly shaped like a Mo - which we had to snap for Movmeber month.
  3. "Hemingsway's Cup" - E and I had dinner at this one place in Manly, Sydney. The have this great cup of tea (alcoholic) but yummy! Their menu was stapled into a encyclopaedia, you literally get lost in the menu. Great idea
  4. "Picnic Anniversary Lunch" - E and I celebrated out Anniversary in Sydney. We got a few Krispy Kreme's, Cheeses, crackers, grapes and a great view. We had a feed and enjoy each others company.
  5. "An odd Tea Party" - Enjoying a cuppa at our favourite book shop in when E picked up a crocodile at our table. Doddo and Crocodile loves Tea.
  6. "Catching Some Cancer" - Nien and I went to City Beach and enjoyed some sun. Can't go to the beach with out some selfies.
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Love Hassie

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