30 May 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 31 - Mantra On One Sandy Bay Road

We spoilt ourselves this night. We organized a apparent to stay in but really didn’t spend much time in it. We went for dinner that was in walking distance. Was such a lovely night - Great dinner, beautiful wine and awesome company. Could say I got a little drunk.

Sometimes its just nice to let your hair down.

We give this spot a 3 out of 5 Hassie Carrots.

28 May 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 30 - Cygnet

We absolutely love this little town. We stayed in the caravan park and met some lovely Taiwanese girls that was looking for a job. Moving on from talking with them forever E and I sat outside and enjoyed the outside and relaxed.

Think we might actually move to this little town one day.

We give this experience a 3 out of 5 Hassie Carrots


26 May 2014

Eagle Hang Glider


At the Tahune Air walk you can do the Eagle hang glider. Its not as exiting as I thought it would be but sort of gave me the effect it might be when on a real hang glider.

It pulls you up and when your at the top you keep holding on and it pulls you down. Eeek I was freaking out that I might accidentally let go and then i fall out or something.

I am glad to say I haven’t fallen out. Great for kids to do on their own. Think that is what they are aiming for.

24 May 2014

River Point


Between the two swing bridges is a 'island' where you can walk toward the very point and observe 2 different rivers meet, the Huon River and the Picton River.

Each river comes from different locations of Tasmania and meet here. To think that all this water come from somewhere else and look where they meet.

Mind blowing.

22 May 2014

Swing Bridges


After walking in deep forest for what seems forever you come across 2 swim bridges that spans over 2 differnt rivers that gets fed from all over Tasmania. These 2 different rivers which merge into each other are called - the Huon River and the Picton River. 

It's somewhat frightening to walk on somthing that doesn't keep still with each step you take and by memory was these 2 swim bridges my first time and over some strong rappit flowing rivers. 

We we're told a few week before we visited they had a fair few millimetres of rain over a few days which resulted in the rivers being flooded and which meant that these bridges acted as a net, was catching all kind of debris, from tree trunks, to branches and even rubbish. 

Very surprised to see they didn’t break.


20 May 2014

Wishing Tree

As you start the Tahune Air Walk,you come to a section where you can make a wish by throwing a coin on to a tree trunk. 

I am not sure how the actual work, but E and I guest that if your coin fell on the trunk it self you get a wish, we can honestly say that neither of us got ours on, but don't tell we made a wish anyway!

I think it's a wonderful idea to make an exiting 'event' to try and get it up on this trunk and by memory all the money goes to some wild life sanctuary and to me that even more reason to try and get your coin on the trunk! 

A differnt take on a 'wishing well'

18 May 2014

Tahune Air Walk


We literately walked on air and it scared the shit out of me!! I am not scared of hight’s but I would like to know I am safe and I didn’t like how it moved and it freaked me out to the max.

I use to be so good at hight’s but I guess I am a late bloomer for hight’s. I was nice saying I have done it but really I wanted my feet firm on the grown. Can’t fall further than my own hight an I can deal with that.

I walking like I was on the moon and holding on anything around me to feel like I will be a bit safer. E didn’t mind scaring me every now and then and he got a thrill from seeing me freak out. 

At one point I went back to a big pole and stayed there while he was off doing his photo things and me clinging on for my dear life. 

I did have fun and wouldn’t necessary do it again.


16 May 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 29 - Tahune Airwalk

This was such a convenient spot and I recommend if if you plan on going to explore. First thing it was free, you can light a fire if you have the things to do so and is within walking distance of where we wanted to be the next day. 

When we first arrived it was raining as since we planned on making a fire, E wasn’t to happy since he really wanted to light a fire. 

We did eventually did and the night resulted in laughing, discussion and memories. 

We give this spot 3 Hassie Carrots


14 May 2014

Big Whale - Cockle Creek

We found another big thing that wasn't on our list, but I will add it now. Its also at the Southern Most point of Tasmania and also Australia. 

This life-size, 3month old southern right whale sculpture is a poignant reminder that whale calves once frolicked in this bay. Whaler harpooned calves first as their distress calls kept adults close. Little wonder that whaling almost wiped out the species altogether.

12 May 2014

Southern Most Point of Australia


Driving to the southern most point of Tasmania we thought would be hard or not even possible but we did it. 

We drove to the very small town called Cockle Creek with a population of 3 people and we enjoyed our self. 

When we got to the spot the information stating we have reached the end of the road was quite interesting.

The Bay we were standing in was discovered in 1792 by a French Admiral Bruny D’Entrecasteaux after drifting of course because of a storm. Beyond this point is only the scientist stationed on Macquarie Island and a few lonely fishermen our in their boats. The next stop of course is Antarctic and its not too far away. Standing where we were, we are closer to the Antarctica that we were to Cairns.

Considering that is mind blowing. 

10 May 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 28 - Cockle Creek

This is the last town before you reach the end of the road and by that I mean you have reached the end of Tasmania but more on this later.

We drove for what seemed forever on a dirt road, bumpy and full of pot holes. When we finally got to this very very very small town called Cockle Creek with a population of only 3 people we were in aww. A small fishing town and maybe a few holiday homes, there really isn't much there, almost feel like an abandoned town. 

We loved the idea of this very very small town, isolated town and best of all being so far from everything. We had best internet, birds tweeting and no one screaming or yelling next door. We had so much fun staying in the little town. 

We give this town 3 Hassie Carrots.


8 May 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 27 - Burny Island

We made our Bruny Island enjoyable. We have enjoyed the cheese, oysters and hear, see and explored the beautiful environment. 

So saying goodbye and on the ferry back to Tasmania we started to think about how small the island really is and in one day we got to see so much. 

The spot we found to sleep at was called Pines Camp area and was such a beautiful, lovely and peaceful spot. With Pine trees shading the camping area, wind blowing thru their leaves and making the most beautiful forest sound which made us sleep like a baby. 

We give this spot a 3 out of 5 Hassie Carrots.

Would have loved to stay longer at Bruny Island, We defiantly would go back to the Cheese Company Post here.

6 May 2014

Bruny Island Cheese Company

Bruny Island is known for a few things, one of them is there creamy and big variety of cheese. While there we had to stop and enjoy some cheese while reflecting our trip this far. 
Both E and I have had their cheese while staying up on Cradle but wanted to see what else they had to offer. 

The room E is standing in front of is their ageing room, this is where they age their Tom cheese. Tom is a fast maturing Hard cheese and apparently it likes to be rubbed, I don’t know why or how they get that taste but I didn't. Both E and I throughly enjoyed ourself and enjoyed eating cheese. 

Before this adventure I never could handle smelly cheese -  but now I LOVE it , my taste buds must be changing and its for the better.

4 May 2014

Bruny Island Neck Game Reserve


Not having to be at our next location for some time, we set off to explore Bruny Island. While we had to take the Ferry to Bruny Island to explore the wonders of this island. You would think its a while away, think again!! Buying a ticket, and waiting for the ferry to arrive it feel like forever. While on the ferry being transported to Bruny Island it goes pass so quick, you are left wondering if we were just transferred thru thin air. It only takes 30 minuets and you are on the island. 

The island looks small but you seem to drive, drive and keep on driving. The north and south island is connected by the Neck Game Reserve. Which seems to be keep it attached to each other by a thread (in island terms). 

Standing up at the look out and seeing just how thin this 'string' is made me realise just how amazing this world we live in is. For this small bit of land just off the coast of Tasmania its got its BIG amazing treasures. 

2 May 2014

Instagram - April


There is so much happening I can't wait to share with you here! 
  1. On my left {a great night}
  2. Enjoying sun, company and cheese.
  3. Pop of colour {big yummy banana}
  4. Enjoy the little things.
  5. Chaotic {war brought no good}
  6. Freshly pick pine mushrooms from next to the road! Proof E poisened me if I die!
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