10 May 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 28 - Cockle Creek

This is the last town before you reach the end of the road and by that I mean you have reached the end of Tasmania but more on this later.

We drove for what seemed forever on a dirt road, bumpy and full of pot holes. When we finally got to this very very very small town called Cockle Creek with a population of only 3 people we were in aww. A small fishing town and maybe a few holiday homes, there really isn't much there, almost feel like an abandoned town. 

We loved the idea of this very very small town, isolated town and best of all being so far from everything. We had best internet, birds tweeting and no one screaming or yelling next door. We had so much fun staying in the little town. 

We give this town 3 Hassie Carrots.


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