4 May 2014

Bruny Island Neck Game Reserve


Not having to be at our next location for some time, we set off to explore Bruny Island. While we had to take the Ferry to Bruny Island to explore the wonders of this island. You would think its a while away, think again!! Buying a ticket, and waiting for the ferry to arrive it feel like forever. While on the ferry being transported to Bruny Island it goes pass so quick, you are left wondering if we were just transferred thru thin air. It only takes 30 minuets and you are on the island. 

The island looks small but you seem to drive, drive and keep on driving. The north and south island is connected by the Neck Game Reserve. Which seems to be keep it attached to each other by a thread (in island terms). 

Standing up at the look out and seeing just how thin this 'string' is made me realise just how amazing this world we live in is. For this small bit of land just off the coast of Tasmania its got its BIG amazing treasures. 

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