28 Jun 2012

My Rainbow Polaroid

My Hubby gave me the most amazing present for my birthday this year - A rainbow Polaroid camara. A real vintage one.
I love it.... Its something you have to get use to, can't just take photos of anything the film is so expensive ($32 for 8 prints) its depressing and that is not the only thing that make me sad... its so hard to get a photo properly exposed.

As you can see it either over exposed or very dark :( Its very frustrating.... make me want to give up.

These days your just able to point and shoot, one photo after the other. Its really hard but... hey, I have only had the camera for a few days I can't expect to be a professional Polaroid photographer over night!!

Although its so difficult getting a correctly exposed photo, when you get it, its like heavens doors opening...

Its amazing to see the photo appear in front of your eyes. I love it. Its like a chid on christmas morning, so much fun seeing the photo :) This is the only photo, that we have managed to get right, the only one where you can actually see what is going on. The colour, the style - ooooh sooo COOL :) hehe

On the other hand the ones that isn't quite right is nice to look at and fun to try and figure out what what we tried to take a photo of...

Thought I'd share some of our booboo photos :)

Ill keep practicing and hopefully I get better at it.... Oh its hard but worth it.

27 Jun 2012

Home Improvements...

I have slowly been figuring out how to adjust and add things to Our Rabbit Hole, but still learning...

So far I have added
Which is like a Bio Page. Its a quick summary on who is behind Our Rabbit Hole and how we met. As I get the time - I'll complete the page properly :)
This will be the page - we're we will keep tract of how many different locations/farms/towns we end up picking fruit, working etc. We will see how this page evolve.
This is pretty much self explanatory. This will be a page where my husband and I add photos of us, our environment etc which we like to share, like the most and love. 

Stay Tuned and see how I learn to use Blogger :)

26 Jun 2012

21st Birthday!!

Well I'm 21 today!

I thought I would be exited about birthdays like I'd always been, but I guess as you get older you don't get as exited. *snif, snif*

The day didn't start very well - since I am starting to get the flu or cold of some sort AGAIN... This winter I must, just really be prone to the flu bug!! Argh...

BUT - My hubby got a few days off which is Fan-Damn-Tastic.... It made the these days so special!

My hubby got me the most amazing present EVER... I love it... as you can see above its a Polaroid camera... OMG its amazing... we are still trying to figure out how to get a proper exposed photo. I will do a special blog post on my polaroid soon :)
We do need to give it a name, if you have any suggestions please put them in a comment below or email them to me - Ourrabbithole11@gmail.com

Other than getting the best present in the world, we celebrated by buying a few items to wear to my 1950's dinner part on Saturday. Love the few little things we go (stay tuned for our outfits).
I still need to organise a few things for saturday so I'l be busy with that, while hubby is back at work, lucky me I got to take the week off.

I decided on having a classic 1950's dinner party with my family. See I am married now and is expected that I know a few things about being a 'house' wife, like - cooking, cleaning, house keeping etc... but I have a trick up my sleeve - My hubby is a Chef ( but don't tell - hehe) I'm lucky, he does most if not all the cooking.
We're oober exited about saturday mostly because we get to dress up....  YAY !!!

Now to end an amazing day with a lovely warm cuppa next to my hubby reminiscing about our childhood days.

...Keep Warm...

23 Jun 2012

Birthday Plans

I am amazed on how busy life can get... Its one thing after the other!

I have now sorted the cupboard at my parents house. Quite proud of it. I am amazed at the things I found my husband and I have been Carrying around....

  • 4 Toilet rolls (Just incase we run out?)
  • Pens, Pens, Pens and MORE Pens (Stationary is my addition)
  • Books and I mean 10 plastic boxes full.... My goal is having a library like Beauty and The Beast (and I have read most of the books)
  • And more unnecessary things that we can't part with!!! Its ridiculous...
I know it doesn't look like it's much better but trust me it is! Now to do the rest in the rest of Perth.
Besides getting organised for our Hassie Adventure, I have been planning my 21st birthday, only a few days to go. Birthdays is on Tuesday 26 June, but we're celebrating with everyone on Saturday 30th June. . Nothing big - I chose to do a small 1950's dinner party (But I am running behind with the planning).

Birthday Party To do List: ( For Saturday)
  1. Flowers
  2. Cake
  3. Decorations
  4. Food (we are doing the cooking) 
  5. Drinks
  6. Warmth  
  7. My Outfit
  8. ... *EEK*
Doesn't seem to be too much but I need to get organised. Now thank goodness I have invited people about 3 months ago because I hate being invited to something on number 99 (the last minuet). Even though I have done the invites ages ago a week before the birthday I now still have to either text or call to find out if they are even coming. This angers me a lot! I sent RSVP cards with stamps on them so that they can be easily sent back!!! NOT COOL MAN!! 

Anyway...  So its the Big 21 and I thought I'd be exited and can't wait till the day, but honestly - Its now just another day! Birthdays is not as special as it was when your 5. I'm married with a great husband with whom, I really only want to spend time with! I miss him so much.... He isn't way but due to his work and mine, it causes that we almost never see each other! 

I am thought REALY exited to go traveling. As much as I will miss everything and everyone! I REALLY can't wait actually going to sleep with my husband next to be, instead of me falling asleep in the car waiting for him to finish work at midnight, then getting home and I fall asleep walking to bed!

Hope everyone is keeping warm... I think this is the coldest winter I have ever had in Perth, or I just forgot how bloody cold it can get during winter!!

20 Jun 2012

Hassie Adventure - Step 1

As you might have previously read on Our Rabbit Hole - We have decided to go traveling, or was thinking about it - well its official now!

So a lot of things we need to organise!

  1. I have to start organising 
  2. Make list of things need to do, consider etc. and list of the lists.
  3. Tell friends and family (all though my parents know already)
  4. We need to gather information
  5. I need to tell my current manager that I won't be there long term.
  6. And More...
Now point 5, this has been the hardest to even consider at this moment. (I still haven't told her, although, I should say its early days) Each time I am at work, I am over come with how much I love the job and people I work with and for BUT if my hubby and I don go traveling now it will never happen! I will for now have to gather the courage to tell her! *eek*

On the other hand I have decided to start organising all our things, while my hubby is working, well no other way to say it = terrible hours... He is working all week from 10am to 12am with no break. Life of a chef - he works long hours, hard and in stressful conditions, which all in all means I will only really see him again the day before my birthday next monday - Unless you count the 30min drive home we have when I pick him up from work at midnight. Now this is partly why we have decided to go traveling, so that we can not only see more of each other but enjoy our newly wedded life.

Anyway ... back to what I really wanted to share....

Organising of Things 
Now to explain with the organising of our 'Things'...  At this moment all our things are all over Perth- some at my parents house and others at my in laws! MORE work to try and organise.
Well Yesterday I started at my parent House - for a first 2 days days I must say I've done well ... packing 3 boxes and then getting distracted isn't bad.

So I managed to sort out a few boxes and then stumbled across my box of photos prints, So you can just imagine where my night ended up - reminiscing of the olden days.

One of my favourite things is taking photos of every day life and then having the opportunity to look back at them and relive the events.These are just a few prints I found - I know I have a few thousands of digital photos on my computer somewhere. 

Thought I'd share some of my memorable moments.
Casual Dress day at School - I love sleep and love being in my PJ's so I thought I would dare my group of friends to come to school with their PJ's on! As you can see I (the one in the Yellow) went all out!! While Janine and Yolandi we're the only ons game enough to do it!!! Was supper fun and now its a wonderful memory to look back on!

Then in theses photos are of one of my best friend - Tania. I class her as a wonderful friend even though we literally are words apart now and hardly talk. I still like to think back on all our great laughs and giggles. In the first photo, which is my Favourite, Tania and I are doing a photo shoot for a make up artist. As you might be able to see is our feet in the background - this was not intentional but look at what a great shot it made. I just LOVE it. 
The one next to it - we were commenting on how big my PJ pants is, so big it could fit both of us. I can only laugh at how silly we were.

Well I am now really looking forward to our Hassie Adventure so that we can make new memories to share for centuries to come.
Will keep you posted.

17 Jun 2012

Planning Our Adventure in a Weekend!

Well, what a weekend.... We have decided or still deciding to go travel around Australia and what a hard decision it is!!  My hubby and I are currently at a cross road, or maybe I am -  As much as I want to go traveling and drop everything to spend more time together, the harder the though of just dropping everything we have worked for.

So this weekend we have set out to research as much as possible
  • Money
  • Cars
  • Health Insurance
  • Accommodation
  • and thats only naming a few....
Then I kept on asking the questions (driving my hubby insane)
  • Where we going??
  • What we're going to do?
  • What are we going to eat?
  • Where are we going to keep our food?
  • What are we going to take with?
  • What space will we have to live in?
  • and they just kept on coming...
I guess you can say I like to know what and where I am going in life.... Its hard not knowing anything!!

The more we talk and look into this, the more I am getting worried of the unknown. I think it would just be easier is someone tells us what to do, then if it doesn't work then well we can blame them.

If you have any advice or tips on travelling around Australia or traveling in general PLEASE do share.

Well I'll keep you posted on our plans!!

On the other had I had my cousins birthday part LMFMO style, and how hard was it to find and outfit I would actually wear again.

Luck seemed to be on my side as, I found a Leopard print dress at the OpShot for $5 (bargain) and decided to wear my Supre White jacket. 

What a great night I had with family and friends, while my hubby sadly had to work (Someone has to make the money around here)

*In the photo left to right, Nicole , Me,  Janine*

All in all so far a busy weekend.

13 Jun 2012

The beginning

In the beginning of Our Rabbit Hole....

The moon was shining, stars glittering and new love starting! How I can remember it all.

Now married for 6months and planning life, I sit back and remember how we started! Isn't it amazing what you can relive daily by smells, images etc and take you straight back to that moment you never want to forget!

My blog is about life, marriage and Love....

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