5 Jan 2015

New Years Resolution 2014 - Review

Its been a year already and reading back my New Years Resolution of last year seeing if I can cross some off.

Lets have a look at my New Years Resolution of last year -

  • To continue with my Photo a Day - Besides writing on this blog regularly I am very proud I have continued taking a photo of myself everyday. I have missed a few but at least I have more that 2 years worth to show.
  • Spend more time with E - This is from  the last 2 years and I think it has worked well. I would like to continue this from them though. Being back at 'home' and back to regular life - our working hours makes it difficult to spend quality time together. We will make it work
  • Try something new every month - I had this resolution for the last 2 years but each time it was or is to vague. I have reviewed it and I am hoping to  be open to try something new. You might see this new things on here.
  • Be less angry - Id say I am my dads child, get angry quickly not in a bad tempered way but would react first then think. Still a work in progress.
  • Be less controlling - I feel I have really done well with this resolution, letting E go work in a different state and letting people lead their own lives. Im proud of myself. Will need to continue this though.
  • Be more spontaneous - Id say some what but still needs improvement, I like being organised its less stressful. 
  • Go to the Beach - Living in Land and now in the city makes it hard to just pop to the beach. 
  • Aim to travel the world by the end of the year. - Lets say this was a BIG dream maybe I should reconsider and narrow it down to something we can achieve. 
  • Save money to travel - We have and still are. Something that will be ongoing. 
  • Have little to no debt before we go travelling - Could do better. Still have a lot to pay off....

4 Out of 11 less than last year.
Lets hope I do better next year.

Look Back:

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