17 Jan 2015

Perth Thoughts

As we sit here in the plane with no entertainment, no access too the loo, with eh seat belt sign yelling about safety and no sign of taking off (only 2 hours delayed in the plane). I started to think about Perth.

Its been a year and 1 months since we jumped in Van Gogh and waved goodbye too family and life as we set off to create our own adventures. With only 5 hours worth of flight ahead and 12 hours to spend in Perth before coming back, I sit and wonder about how the city looks, how friends and family look and how I now look.

I realise over time things and people change and having a big gap between time of seeing each other you notice a lot more than what you would be if you see each other everyday.

I have slight anxiety about life when we come back and can say its the same ones I had before we left for this adventure. The only advices I can give to myself and you who are reading.

Just Jump In!!

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