6 Apr 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 20 - Riana

E and I have been trying to save so we aren't leaving the mountain as much as we would like to. Although when we do leave we make sure it is jam pack adventure full of excitement.

This town wasn't to far from the mountain but a beautiful town that we stumbled on. When you go off the highway you will feel like your in the deep country side even though it is 10 minuets away from Devenport or Burnie. Surrounded by beautiful green forrest and farm animals you get lost in this peaceful world you didn't think existed in Australia.

Driving from the mountain it took us quite a few hours that initially anticipated, but with our tunes blaring and getting lost made it an experience we will always remember. When you do get lost in Tasmania you will find exiting little nooks and towns you would never imagine seeing, meeting locals and exploring the land.

We did stay at this little park that took us a while to find but when we did, we parked the Van Gogh and started to light a boom fire, not even sure if we were aloud to, but it kept us nice and warm for a little while.
There is a story with this fire, E went and bought wood for this fire he has been planing and waiting to burn since we started this Hassie Adventure. Planning on buying one kindling bag and one bag with logs so we can have a long night of fire burning. As we stopped and started to build this fire E noticed he grabbed 2 bags of kindling instead. Fuming and apologising to me while I am just about LoL'ing next to him for being so silly. Needless to say we did build this fire with just kindling anyway adding just about one bags worth to make it nice and warm. I guess you can say the fire was short lived. 

We need to lit more fires with the write wood.

We enjoyed this spot and therefor giving it 3 Hassie Carrots.

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