4 Apr 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 19 - Mole Creek

One the way back home doing a few 'Touristy' things we stopped to recover from the drive and decided to stay at a small town about 1hour and 30mins away from 'home' and only have around 600 odd people living there! 

Mole Creek is well known for its honey and apparently accounts for 35 presents of Tasmania's honey production. Although E and I did not know that at the time and therefore did not explore the honey farms in the area. We did take note of all the bee hives next to road in and out of this town. 

Mole creek is also known for its cave but E and I made the decision that all caves are the same and its not worth the money to see what we have seen before. I was told that in one if the cave her in Mole Creek actually had glowing algae, which if I'd know would be something to experience. Next time maybe. 

Sleeping in this little town freezing our bums off we woke to the sound of crowing roosters in the farm next door. Enjoying the crips air while acting our energy breakfast (oat) some chickens came to  greet us a very good morning and beg for some food. Apparently they belonged to the owners of the the Caravan Park we were staying in in - only $25 for a site.

This spot we give it 3 Hassie Carrots

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