8 Apr 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 21 - Smithton

The few places we made a point to see while on the mountain has been exiting and adventurous. This adventure is the start of seeing the Tarkine Rain Forrest - but before we get there we needed to sleep and recover from the BIG day of walking and exploring the North West of Tasmania.

It was a  spot i wish we didn't need to stay at, it was scary and it seemed to be a popular spot for everyone to come and sit and look out at the water. At some point it looked like someone was trying to do a drug exchange and knowing my mind  I was thinking of the most extreme of situations, thinking they might jump out and come to our van and start asking questing of why we are here and if we observing them. Ahhhh I watch to much movies.

Save to say they didn't come over and I am still alive and walking but still a fearful night to start with and one where I was bugging E saying we might need to find a new place to sleep.

We give this spot 2 Hassie Carrots because I am alive

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