18 Apr 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 25 - Devenport

Our first day off the mountain. Firstly it was a late start to the day (drinking previous night) we weren't in any rush but knew we wanted to be off the mountain and away by around 12pm. That Didn't particularly work since we thought it would be nice to have our last lunch in the Tavern at 12. We had a few people join us which was lovely but hard to say good bye at the end. 

Gosh these people are people I will never ever forget. They made my days on that mountain and hopefully I did the same for them.

Anyway when we finally did leave the weather was miserable off the mountain. E and I both thought and said that we want to leave the mountain weather behind but instead brought it with us.

That night was windy and uncomfortable to sleep in the van. It felt like we were going to roll away and end up on the other side of Devenport.

The actual spot was just part of a Recreation field. Not ideal if you have like a tent and all. We give this spot a 1 Hassie Carrot. 

All in all a good day and ok spot to sleep in. 

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