16 Apr 2014



One for the hardest night I have come across, I didn't realise how much of an effect E and I had on all these people until they all showed up to our going away drinks. Its always seem to happen that people say what they really think about you when you leave - Good and bad.

It started out with just a few of us getting together to have dinner and then a few drinks. It soon started to get bigger as the night grew.

By the end of it, as people started to say goodbye and go home. I could feel the tears build up and soon started crying like a little baby. It was so hard to say good bye and the beautiful message they wrote made it even harder to try and hate them and make it easier for me cope.

All the beautiful people on Cradle Mountain is a second family and will always be remembered. I love them all and are so happy and blessed to have called them all friends and amazing people to have helped me be the person who I am today!!


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