30 Apr 2014

Hassie Adventure - Week 34

This is the week we said our goodbyes and fare well to the people on the mountain. They started off as friends and turned into family in a very short amount of time.

I have been thinking about this and its funny how when we first arrived at the mountain - I made a conciouse dicesion that I'm not going to make an effort to make friends and to my surprise they turned into more than just friends. 

I finished work a day before E did so that I could pack the van and sort things out before we leave. 
The night after E finished work, We had our 'going away' drinks. It's only when you leave that you realize how much of an impression you made as everyone showed up and said their goodbyes. they made such a big impression on our life's!  

We did end up leaving and there was talk about going to Perth for a short while but since E and I could not decide so we agreed no we won't just go!

We ended up scratching a few items off our 'to do' list before we go to the east cost.

  • Km Driven this week: 533
  • Places of Interest:
    • Big Platypus
    • Big Apple
    • Big Spud
    • Bruny Island
  • Paid Accommodation: Girdlestone Park $10
  • $$ Spent: $658
  • Gas
    • Litres: 59.10
    • $: 95.59
    • Places:
      • Elizabeth Town
      • Hobart

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