22 Apr 2014

BIG Spud

Looking for this BIG spud and being able to find is 2 differnt things.  We must have been drivin 'forever' and google maps took us to a place with nothing around it. It was just about in the middle of nowhere, with a big highway next to it and it covered with tall grass. We finally did find it between construction works. 

It looks like there use to be a tyer shop that closed down or being renovated. Neither us could understand the significance it has with a Spud or what a spud has to do with tyers but its there. Not much of this BIG thing but we stoped and took a photo since its on our list.

I don’t know how long its going to be around, may go down with the renovations. 

Only one more to go here in Tasmanian thats on our list.


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