31 Jan 2015

Ryan's Lookout




We have been meaning to do this walk since we arrive. reminding each other every day 'today will be the day' but it never happened. Today it finally happened and wowwy was a hard one! 

Both E and I did not expect the level of fitness required for this walk! Kudos to both of us on persevering and making it to the lookout all in one piece. I must admit, that it's no really that extreme, it's the deceiving 'small' hills with their steep incline and what seems to be the end of the world drops! 

After picking up our lungs off the floor, on the way up and ensuing we keep our skin intact on the way down, we got to what looked like heaven. The beautiful sunbeams streaming thru the trees and in the distances, the purple, blue mountain peaks showing off their impressive beauty. We were stunned and all that huffing and puffing was long forgotten. 

Enjoying the view and getting lost in the beauty, we had to make a quick escape to ensure we get home before the sunsets and darkness falls on us. Walking back in the dark isn't something we prepared ourselves for, so off we went just about forgetting that we just been thru and what seemed to be marathon of steep hills. It's amazing how quick you forget you just did a few minuets ago and that your body will quickly remind you!! 

Argh after what seemed too long we made it home and happy to say "we have done the lookout!!"

29 Jan 2015

Good Morning Sunshine


Being woken up at 5am by your husband because HE can't sleep - isn't always welcome on your day off! But I love him and so I woke up too. 

Lying in bed staring at the dark roof, trying to keep my eyes open and not fall back asleep. I suggested we watched the sun rise! Seeing we never are up this early we both jumped at the idea and got dressed in warmer cloths to explore to outside morning world we rarely see! 

Walking out in the brisk cold morning air, being reminded of how lucky we are to be able to call this beautiful location home, we were welcomed by fog. Not very helpful when we are trying to see a sun rise from behind the lodge. None the less we walked around hoping to get some interesting photos and/or experiences! 

We were obviously greeted by the cows, 'moo to you too' and the wallabies enjoying the bit of peace before the day is taken over by the blaring sun! It's so peaceful you can get lost in the wind blowing in your hair! 

This will be a spot E and I will always remember. I am glad we almost got to see the perfect sunrise, at lease we saw pink clouds and fog.

27 Jan 2015

Go Hassie

We finally got a GoPro, we have been talking about getting one for sometime but I don't know why we just haven't bought one.

My plan originally was to get one before we left Perth to record our drive across the country, but that never happened. I am glad we got one now and lets record the next trip home.... 

Stay Tuned. 

25 Jan 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure - Week 57

Oh my the weeks go by so quick! Like I mentioned in the last weekly post, E and I will be disappearing to Perth in a blink of an eye! You may have read our quick adventure already but if you have missed them here they are

So we're back on the mountain on the other side of the island and I am finding myself thinking about how life will be when we get back. E and I have been discussing how we felt when we got there (other than the excitement of surprising everyone) it felt like nothing changed even though it's been a year! It felt like we never left not even for a second, yes things has changed and people look a bit different but it's like we have been there all this time. 

This is where it gets concerning that we will just go back to how thing use to be. No reason for working, no where planned to travel to, no thought of just leaving for a few days any where - nothing. 

My biggest concern is that we will be going back to just seeing each other for 30min a day. Seeing more of each other was the main reason for our Hassie Adventure. That is something that defiantly makes me wish we never have to work or need money for.

All these things E and I will very much like to prevent from happening again and keep what we have learned and gained from our adventure. 

Time is the only thing that will tell... It's a waiting game and one we will change if we don't like the out come!

Weekly Total:
  • Km Driven this week - 294km
  • Places of Interest - Heaven
        • Perth
  • Paid Accommodation - None
  • $$ Spent - $1926.14
  • Gas 
    • Litres - 48.15L
    • $ - $72.18
    • Places - Aratula
      • Pacific Petroleum 

23 Jan 2015

Mini Perth Adventure

A memorable and amazing, quick one night stand in our old bed and you know what? It Feels like home, Feels welcoming and soft. NO offence Van Gogh but there is no place like your own comfortable bed.

Only a few weeks and we will be back.... Was great to see everyone and feel like we never left.
My heart is heavy as I sit here missing my bed and.... family.

Until I see you again bed!
And family

21 Jan 2015


Soon after I surprised my brother my heart felt like it had wings. Driving up to Mums house in Dad in-Laws car trying to be as quiet as can be, we were so exited!

I couldn't even make it to the house without mum spotting me from the first floor. She Started yelling like a crazy lady!! So glad my brother could catch the moment on camera! 

It was a very short visit but an amazing one at it! We will be back  before they know it and then it will be more crazy family to come!!


19 Jan 2015

Lier Lier pants on fire

What a day!! My heart has never gone this crazy since I first fell in love with E. 'What your heart doesn't flutter anymore for E' it does but differently but that's besides the point! 

There was two Separates Surprises.

First my brother!! 

I knew he had the day off so he would be lounging around doing nothing as young lazy teenage boys do. I texted him as ergot off the plane asking him if he could do me a big favor! 

After that I rang him trying to find out where he while frantically looking around to spot him in the crowds. First it's the discussion on what he needs to do but then as I do well I change the subject just so it domestic seem strange so me to only talk 'business'. After 5 minuets I still don't spot him and I impatiently ask him where he is, just as E approaches me. I turn to look in the crowds when E is like he behind you ... Bam SURPRISE!! 

He didn't expect it. Oh my lady Gaga I'm a good lier! Or maybe he is just that blond!

We then spend the afternoon I the city while we wait for mum to get home from work! 

But that is for the next post!! 


17 Jan 2015

Perth Thoughts

As we sit here in the plane with no entertainment, no access too the loo, with eh seat belt sign yelling about safety and no sign of taking off (only 2 hours delayed in the plane). I started to think about Perth.

Its been a year and 1 months since we jumped in Van Gogh and waved goodbye too family and life as we set off to create our own adventures. With only 5 hours worth of flight ahead and 12 hours to spend in Perth before coming back, I sit and wonder about how the city looks, how friends and family look and how I now look.

I realise over time things and people change and having a big gap between time of seeing each other you notice a lot more than what you would be if you see each other everyday.

I have slight anxiety about life when we come back and can say its the same ones I had before we left for this adventure. The only advices I can give to myself and you who are reading.

Just Jump In!!

15 Jan 2015

MIni Brisbane Adventure

What do you do when you are in town with many different fast food outlets? You order PIZZA.

My frist experience of getting Pizza Hut.

Since we arrived quite late and only had a few hours before we had to fly out (4am) E and I enjoyed pizza in the van with late night conversations. 

I am so exited for the thought about seeing family and good friends. 

13 Jan 2015

Photo a Day - Month 14

For my New Years Resolutions, I wanted to take a photo of myself for 1 year. I have successfully done this for more than 14 months now and thought I'd share my 14 month's worth of Photo a Day Travel Diary Entry.

Now let me explain what I mean by this. I have created a section on this blog called My Daily Photo - This is where you can see all of my Photo a Day photos of myself since we have started our Hassie Adventure. If you want to see all of them to this day Click - Here

This is my 14 month of my Photo a Day photo's and although I did miss days this month, But lets see if you can notice which one?


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