3 Apr 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 60 - Thredbo Diggions Camps

Leaving Canberra late in the afternoon meant we would arrive late into the night. We didn't know where we would be based and found ourselves in the Mt Kosciuszko National Park. We were told the nest spot to sleep at is Diggions camp site and off we went. We didn't know what to expect the next morning as we woke, but what a surprise it was to see the amazing beauty that was just a few feet away.

When we arrived we could spot quite a few camp fires and made us wish we were a bit more organised and then could have joined the fun and had our own but If only we knew. 

Waking up at the crack if dawn (5:30) and Mother Nature quickly reminded me she is in charge and knows what she is doing. As for what we were greeted with outside our sliding door was some what a surprise! With out even knowing it at the time of arrival, E and I we're located right next to a river with spectacular views of the mountains surrounding us. 

Out of no where - the wind started blowing and it was time for us to go!! 

We give this spot 4 Hassie carrots as we want to come back for the real deal! 

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