1 Apr 2015

Instagram - March

  1. My Ou Mensies - My Grand Parents are moving back to Africa and we enjoyed a lovely get together with all the family to say goodbye. I hate goodbyes
  2. This is Our home -  We live at this book store. We even know the owner by now. We have a lovely little group of 'regular' shopper who like to pop in every now and then. HOME
  3. Find Your Happy - I found my happy many years ago. This was on the mountain enjoying a cuppa while watching the sunrise on the still morning lodge.
  4. Down Memory Lane - This was us in 2008 at my year 12 ball. I of course asked E to with me and apparently we almost won Bella of the ball. 
  5. Van, Burgers and a Town - Van Gogh, E and I traveled in time to a beautiful little town not far from us that has stayed stuck in time. We love it (Guilford, WA)
  6. Thats The Spot - This was 2 year ago we E and first drove to Melbourne, to local car made its way from camper to camper to enjoy some ear scratching. He convinced us to do the same.

If you like to spy on me best to do it from here @chante_cm11

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