30 Mar 2015

Austrian war memorial

Last time E and I drove thru Canberra we were too late to see the War Memorial. Driving back to Perth we made the point to come early and enjoy the day of remembering.

Being here just after ANZAC weekend made it a site to see. With Poppy's everywhere you looked and all different kinds of reefs to remember them all! E and I walked around reading about Soldiers, nurse and people who sacrificed their time, energy and eventually their life's for the life style we have today! 

Not having anyone personally whohave been in the war now or in the pass is good but we both agreed it would have made it more meaningful to honour those who battled in war. In saying that we did leave a poppy not just cause but for a someone who may now been forgotten as non of his family might be around etc. So we picked a name which didn't have a poppy and left them one as a thank you for what they did. I know that not many have the bravery and strength in them selfs to fight for a country. 

I feel honoured to be able to remember those who have given their life's for my freedom and as much as I wish we all realised just how much of an impact these soldiers, nurse and ecentially everyday people had on our life today! 

Lest We Forget

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