12 Mar 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 56 - Branxton Rest Area

Took forever!! Well maybe I have been driving too long and the thought of having to look for a rest area in the dark drives me insane! 

We are planning on staying in the Hunter Valley the next day so finding a free camp was our number one. Not realising that at the time the Camps book we have, is out of date as the Hunter Valley roads has been updated. 

Anyway - after some driving we arrived at a rest stop that is relatively new. Located next to the high way but far away that you cannot hear the noise! Got the car sorted and enjoyed some beer under the stars! 

It was a beautiful nights sleep until Mother Nature felt it's time to rain 4:30am. It wasn't just any rain but thunder, lighting, heavy pouring rain! I mean living in a van has it's perks but when the rain is pouring down while you are trying to sleep, doesn't make us the happiest person! 

We tried going to sleep and eventually did but only to be woken up by thunder and more rain!! That meant we started packing to van from inside and had to run like crazies to put everything from outside in! 

Camping life!! First thunder storm though and LOVED it (secretly)

3 Hassie carrots for the new facilities!!

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