8 Mar 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 55 - Wardell Rest Area

Driving at night is something E and I try to avoid but when we plan on driving late into the night it's reassuring to know there are rest areas located all along the highways/ motorways. 

This particular one was our third one we tried as the others were full or 'no camping allowed'. It seemed great, loo, few cats around and not far off the road, until 4:30am when a couple of roosters stared to sing their morning song!! 

Oh my lady gaga!! I was just about to jump out of Van Gogh and commit a sin!! I love being up early, I really do but these rooster should know that rise and shine happens when the sun comes up and they were a hour and half too early. 

Either way that was a morning to remember and made us wonder 'why the chickens didn't cross the highway instead!!'

1 Hassie carrot for annoying chickens!!


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