31 Mar 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 18 - Rose Bay Park

As we do on some of our days off we explore the land. One this lucky day we drove to the Tamar Valley, now if you a wine guru and know your wine locations you would recognise that this is a well know wine producing area. Now knowing that you would think E and I will be exploring the wineries but nope -  instead we stayed at the  lovely little spot besides the road looking over the river and getting lost in all its beauty. 

Only down side was that it is right beside the road but free none the less. E and I was discussing that having a free camp spot next to a play park is risky, especially since we live in a Van. E jokingly suggested we should write "Free Candy" on our van. That isn't and will not happen!! 

Driving as the sun was setting we took some time finding this spot but  eventually realised we have only driven past in 500 times. (not really). It was quite cold right next to the river.

We give this spot 2 Hassie Carrots, just cause it was a place to sleep. There wasn't much to actually do.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

29 Mar 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 17 - Launceston

Our 17th spot on our adventure is a City called Launceston, second biggest city in Tasmania. We only got to stay one night but spoilt ourselves rotten. We booked ourselves into a hotel, drove to the most yummiest of Yum Cha joints and had an amazing dinner, we asked for the chefs choice and got over whelmed with just YUM!! Driving back to our hotel a bit tipsy was not recommended (and Illegal) but added to our night experience. 

Van Gogh didn't get to go with us as he was still unwell at the time and had to stay at Car Hospital one more night. 

Launceston is the city we would visit quiet often on our days off. The 2 hour drive never felt too long with the beautiful scenery around us from the mountains and fields. We felt like Launceston was more a place to call 'home' as it had shops we would frequently visit back home in Perth. It just had more variety and a large selection of shops suited for our lifestyle. 

We give this spot a 3 Hassie Carrots and hope to have a longer visit next time.


27 Mar 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 16 - Hobart

Getting a photo of a City name is hard when you are having fun.

This meant that since I didn't get to write this as soon after it happened means I have to try and remember what happened

Really got my old brain thinking there for a second or two. This visit wasn't particularly planned as our Little Van Gogh wasn't well (Click here) but we went anyway. Our neighbours were going down to Hobart and offered us a lift. Leaving straight after work (11pm) and arriving 4am in Hobart was a drive I am glad I didn't have to do and fell asleep comfortably in the back. We got to sleep at our lovely neighbours mothers house that was over looking the waters in Hobart city!! Beautiful! Soon after we got dropped off at the Salamanca Markets, that is by far my favourite market yet. 

After exploring the city a bit more E and I made our way to the beautiful Clydsdale Manor and enjoyed a lovely dinner at Morrisons dinner if I can remember correctly. 

The next day was the best Museum date we have scheduled - Hightly recommended that you visit MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) Read More Here. Spend the whole day there and would go back in a blink of an eye.

Meeting the 'locals' as such and experiencing a out of this world museum E and I thoroughly enjoyed this Adventure spot!!! We will be back Hobart not just for your shops!

We give you a whopping 4 Hassie Carrots

25 Mar 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 15 - Sheffield

An unexpected planned stay. Let me explain - E and I wanted to get off the mountain but didn't want to go to far if even. We did want to get a few things. So we packed Van Gogh and said we will see how we go.

We drove quite a bit - first in the the opposite direction as Sheffield as we wanted to go to Queenstown and do the mines tour there and what else they have to offer. Got there and the mines weren't doing tour the days we had off. So we drove there for no reason. So we drove back towards home, and too Sheffield as we wanted to get some food from the city.

By the time we got near Sheffield (40min away from Cradle) its was getting dark - so I said well we better seek shelter for the night here as I am not driving back the way we came since we have been driving for 4 hours doing nothing (partly my fault, but I won't admit it in front of E)

We give this spot a 3 Hassie Carrots

Sheffield is a beautiful area, but Taz really is FREEZING!

23 Mar 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 14 - Cradle Mountain Lodge (Staff Village)

This was a place we called home for about 6 months We stayed in the staff village and found it very hard to leave. It has been a wonderful 164days!!

This spot is quite isolated and away from everything and everyone in the busy city's. Its nice change to what we are use to back home in Perth. Here E and I could have walked to and form work. Had staff meals (breakfast, Lunch and dinner) we got staff discount if we choose to eat at the Tavern or the Restaurant.

We got to meat plenty of people which were like family after sometime. I soon realised as soon as we left that in a environment like this the people you work with ends up being your support group, friends, work colleges and a second family.

It was very hart to leave but it is something E and I will never forget and hold the people close to our harts.

For this stop we give 4 Hassie Carrots for being just such a great place we stayed at and will always remember.


21 Mar 2014

Housekeeping Team


I am so lucky to have met such a great bunch of people. They made my mountain experience so much better and having to work with them made my days brighter. 

My last day I wanted a photo with everyone there. We have Vici, Vannessa, Zoe, Katie, Myself, Melissa, Andrew, Kirsty, Dale and Alanah.

This bunch of people deserve all happiness and kindness they showed towards me. I wish I can take everyone with me so I would never have to say goodbye but what life would they have then. 

I just hope we can all stay in touch and when E and I do pop back to the mountain that we can have a great hello.

19 Mar 2014

Stables Family


This bunch of great people I like to call my Crazy Stables Family. You have Amanda, Savio, Ruffa, Giri, Claudia, myself and E.

I wanted to take a family photo since we arrive. Your home on this mountain is a house filled with strangers at first but you always see each other and they become your support group on this mountain. So I sent out little invitations to everyone in the house to join us to create a great photo memory of my Stable Family. 

A few people are missing - Beth fell asleep and Patrick is in America but they are still part of this family.

I am going to miss them so much its unreal how attach I got to this bunch of people and its only going to happen again in the next staff village were about to join.

18 Mar 2014

New Look...

Welcome to our new look,
Took me sometime to decide on something I like and feel will work with the blog. I have mentioned before I change my mind and systems so much I start to annoy myself. Saying that I am so Happy with this layout I feel confidant it will stay!!

Hope you can find your way around as easily as its as much fun for you to explore as it was for me to create. 

 But before you go and explore I would like to explain a few links you may not have known about before.

There is a lot more than what I would generally have below my posts. The 3 new Ones I would like to point out. 

The Heart is Bloglovin - If you want to follow me I have made it easier.
If you are interested how my pin boards looks like Check out my Pinterest by clicking the P.

And last by the most exiting is a link to E's tumblr where you can check out his amazing skills and photos that has been posted.

Hope this give you some things to waste some of your time with! Until next time I see you here... Keep smiling. 

17 Mar 2014

Hassie Adventure - Week 33

Well just a few more days and were off the mountain.

Lets start with the weeks beginning in Sydney - we got to spend it with out lovely niece and great brother and sister in-law in Sydney.I miss them dearly. Its funny how attached you get to people when your visiting others. The problem I have with visiting is having to leave everyone behind.

We had BIG celebrations for Ivy's first birthday! Decorations, food, and most important CAKE!! I am so blessed to have been there to celebrate it with such great company and people I can call Family!!!

We're back on the mountain trying to get over the heart ache of leaving family behind when I am going to have to leave my Cradle Mountain Crew behind soon too.

Its like as soon as I leave you make more friends and/or you get closer. Makes me wonder if I should say I am leaving as soon as I arrive a new location and therefore I will become closer with everyone earlier.

Im going to leave it at.....


Weekly Total:
  • Km Driven this week - 160
  • Places of Interest - 
      • Sydney
  • Paid Accommodation - None
  • $$ Spent - $164.82 (Excluding Gas)
  • Gas 
    • Litres - 25.64
    • $ - $41.
    • Places - Sheffield


15 Mar 2014

Ivy's First Birthday


What a weekend - It was none stop organising for an amazing party for Baby Ivy. Mummy, myself, E and Ivy's Daddy was working our bums off on the days leading up to the day of the celebrations.

The day before was crazy with cooking, organising and making decorations. We also discussed what we are going to do and how the day will go. 

On the actual day E and I woke and got straight into party mode - no drinking and getting smashed but getting things organised. I went outside and started decorating the deck with all the little bits and bobs where E got cooking and doing the cake. Mummy had to get the house straight and not to forget about herself.

Its hard to organise a party and still enjoy it - But I think Mummy did a very good job as well as Daddy. They might have looked cool but I think they were stressed at times but hopefully they enjoyed them selfs. 

Ivy on the other hand got to crowd surf and enjoy everyones entertainment. How quick a year can go.

13 Mar 2014

Mini Adventure - Sydney

Well E and I got to leave the Rainy gloomy Tasmania to visit the nice busy Sunny Sydney for our little nieces first birthday celebrations.

I can genuinely tell you I was enjoying the sunshine, I was in love with the heat. I didn't realise how much I missed the warm weather until I didn't have any sun for 7 months. 

I felt like I was missing out on life and all of a sudden I can breath and my skin could burn and absorb some Vitamin D.

It was a lovely visit - we didn't do much in physical city - but then again we come ever year, gets boring.


11 Mar 2014

Baby Ivy


If you have been reading for a while - you would have remembered me introducing you to my baby niece Ivy. Well its been a year and look at her now...

She has grown up to such a beautiful little girl with such a BIG personality. Its weird to explain but E and I are so proud to be able to have her in our lives, its very sad that we don't get to see her as much as we want to. 

She is such a happy baby and didn't cry much ... well only when her hands were put in the smash cake she started screaming (She must not like getting her hands dirty). She does this bum shuffle - she doesn't crawl, I recon she will be skipping that and going straight into walking. 

Until next year when we see her again...

We love you Ivy.

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