31 May 2015

The Worlds Longest Golf Course



E and I can officially say we played on the Worlds Longest Golf Course. I mean E went and bought some gold clubs and gold hats just for the occasion. Lets just start by saying neither one of us have golf experience unless you count mini gold, and I think its safe to say this is no mini golf. 

We started in Ceduna (2 course) and saying that it was a really golf course with other people and things. I don't want to make a fool of myself even more than I need to. We ended in Kalgoorlie - no I will let you into some secret! E and I didn't actually play at each single hole, we stopped at each one and got the official stamp to say we did but shh we didn't.

I can say we played on many of the road houses stops and lost a hand full of balls. We did get warned when we started that some birds steel your balls - none stole ours but I will blame them on the few we did loose.

I highly recommend this one as it give you a reason to stop on the long drive, stretch your legs and make you laugh at yourself. I don't have our scores with me now, but I will add them in soon I get them. Both of us were in the high 100's

29 May 2015

Lunch With The Girls

From Left to right : Me, Pam and Carrie. 

Traveling all around E and I made some good friends. Since we all tend to move along, its always lovely to catch up along the way. 

This time we caught up with these lovely ladies. We don't live to far from each other. only what? 3/4 hours drive. Being in Kalgoorlie is strange to see a mining town in action, pubs open early and people bustling around is 4x4 trucks. 

I am sure E and I will be back since we have such lovely company so close. 

27 May 2015

Kalgoorlie Super Pit

The sheer size of this pit is unreal. It so hard to just show you how big it is in a photo.

Look at the first photo and see if you can spot the yellow trucks. The second photo is a good reference how big the truck really are.

This supper pit is the biggest gold mine in Australia. Its kind of beautiful when you sit there and stare at this massive hole but is quiet ugly at the same time.
All the red sand really makes you realise your in Australia.

Can you see the trucks yet??

25 May 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 67: Fraser Range

Thinking back to this spot I wished we stayed on more night. We arrived after sunset and it was raining. The office was closed and I hate to "Walk Talky" them over the radio to see if we can stay a night. I dislike talking on the phone let along the radio.

We got our golf stamped and walked to our spot. Not far there was a bomb fire but since it was drizzling no one was sitting around it. It was a lovely spot, clean bathrooms and people was lovely if wit wasn't raining that bomb fire would have toped this spot.

We give this spot 4 Hassie Carrots.


23 May 2015

Western Australian/South Australian Border

So close but still so far. 

Its strange as soon as we drove past the border and got checked at customs it felt like the adventure is over, it just felt to familiar. I know what you are thinking your still so far away from home with so much possibilities - I know!

I enjoyed every second of it though.... Lets plan the next one.

21 May 2015

Big Kangaroo

Big Kangaroo is located at Border Village in South Australian side. I don't know how E and I didn't stop the first time we went across the Eyre Highway. According to wikipedia - its the only place in South Australia where Daylight Savings Time is not in use. 

I can tell you that its annoying having to drive just a few meter west and its an hour later.

19 May 2015

Great Australian Bight

Have you ever woken up to some so incredible it makes you question your significance in this world! 

Waking up to the best sunrise both E and have ever see. The Great Australian Bight does not get enough glory for just how amazing it is!

It was a cloudy morning with the sun just peeping thru, not being able to see where the cliffs end is the far distance. Looking at the ocean mist against the cliffs where it's been making it almost mystical, made waking up in the cold worth it! 

This trip back home has been out of this world. I can't image how people don't experience this for themselves.

17 May 2015

Nullabor Drive

It really hard to explain what you see or experience when you drive on the Nullabor. Its really quite amazing - You don't even realise that when you are driving down this dessert road not far to your left is a drop into the ocean. It a memory I will remember for times to come. 

15 May 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 66: Great Australian Bite

Have you ever woken up in heaven? or anything close?
Again arriving after dark you never realise what you can wake up next too... and thinking back the amount of time E and I arrive at a spot and not realising how beautiful it really is until you wake up the next morning and realising you are literally on the edge of the world. 

I know you can really tell by this photo, but believe you me I have a post coming up in a few days where you can see what we woke up to. Gah photo's won't do it justice but knowing we have given it 5 hassie Carrots must mean something.

Great Austrlia Bite Marine Park
Nights: 1
Paid Accommodation: None (Free Camp)

Hassie Carrots: 5/5
State: South Australia

13 May 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 65: Lions Rest Area

Arriving after dark is always hard to set up and settle in for the night. We weren't the only ones there, which is always a relieve, we didn't have to walk far for the toilet and it was a nice and quiet we slept like a baby.

We woke up at dawn - like traveler do and set off for the long drive ahead. Even though E don't look happy it was a lovely spot to stay at.

Lions Rest Area
Nights: 1
Paid Accommodation: None (Free Camp)

Hassie Carrots: 2/5
State: South Australia

11 May 2015

Big Gala

The first time we drove thru Kimba, I never realised that there was a BIG 'thing' here, so on the way home I told E we need to make sure we tick it off our list. 

In regards to why its a gala, I do't know and can't find anything on the Google but wither way enjoy a photo of me next to a massive bird and wearing my finest morning clothing. 


9 May 2015

Kimba - Half Way

Being able to know we have come half way is an experience. 

The closer we come to Western Australia the more exited we become. Thinking about life on the 'other side of the world' is exiting and get at the same time scary. We haven't been 'in society' for some time now.

We are so close but yet so far!

7 May 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 64 - Coomandook

A quick stop, one we would have chosen better. None the less we stopped. I was such a noisy spot and all night long big road trains (large trucks) would pull in and do what every, leave their bright lights on and leave again - So noisy and bright.

I remember I woke up from what wasn't a deep sleep and went out to have a wee only to be confronted by a large truck right behind us and a guy looking down.... not in a way that he will kill us but in a way that I could not comfortable go wee behind a bush with out feeling like someone is watching me.

Glad to have woken up at sunrise and know that night was behind us.

We give this spot 1 Hassie Carrot.


5 May 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure Week 62

It's been almost 2 weeks in a as have left the mountain and the closer we get the more exited I am for what life has in hold for us! 

Going in this trip has opened our eye so much in regards to where and what we want to do with our life's!! Seeing the land and experiencing life first hand is something not many people can say they have done. We had learned so much from each other and from others we have met on the the way. 

This has seriously made me wish we would never stop..

I was warned this was going to happen! 

  • Km driven this week: 2208km
  • Places of interest: 
    • Mt Kosciuszko
    • War Memorial
    • 12 Apostels
    • Great Ocean Road
    • Gibson Steps
    • Loch ard Gorge
    • Thunder Cave
    • Bay Of Islands
    • The Grotto
    • London Bridge
    • The Arch
  • Paid accommodation: 
    • South Motor Park $32PN
    • Benalla Leisure Park $30PN
    • BIG 4 Anglesea $40.50PN
    • Port Campbell Holiday Park $30PN
  • $$spent: $1283.83
  • Gas:
    • Liters: 291.27L
    • $: $448.48
    • Places:
      • Mount Gambier
      • Keith
      • Peterborough
      • Anglesea
      • Benalla
      • Khancoban
      • Glenrowan
      • Cooma
      • Bomaderry
      • Braidwood
      • Doonside

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