28 Nov 2012

Dear me....

Dear 11 Year Old Me...

I sit here writing you this letter - thinking how lucky we are. We have Traveled, We have love, We have lost, We have made decisions that hurt but most of all - We have grown up.
I always thought of you being too mature for your age, but I think it worked for us. You will be surprised, what life has install for you.

I wanted to make a point by mentioning - that your are not worthless... you might feel like it at this time but the boys will come along,  more like the perfect guy. You know the kind that is in movies - You fall for him unexpectedly you have a fairy tail first kiss and the perfect BIG day you never thought you dreamt about. Now, if I end up telling you more that would be unfair and well - TELLING!!

In the mean time,
You've made friends with those who didn't have friends.
You will give everything to help where needed including your parents when they are struggeling. For an 11 year old you know more about life that others think they do. Be grateful for all the things that happen to you and learn out of them.
You will realise life is not about physical things that makes you happy but the people you have in your life. You will be able to tell who are friends and who is using you.
You will give time to those who need it, even if it means you loose 5/10 min of your own.
You lend a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on.
You will be helping others with their decisions.
You will be going places.
You will be happy in yourself.
You will be blessed with a great career with opportunities and beautiful husband.
Above all -You will enjoy being yourself and make others realise thats all they have to be.
I want you to stop worring about the what if's and start enjoying life. Your amazing and give so much and you will continue doing that. All I want you to do is give something to yourself.

I am Grateful to call me YOU

Much love
your older self

21 Nov 2012

11 things we need TO DO list before we die...

E and I made a To Do list after our First Anniversary. Looking back at what our goals are, we have done a bit. Some Goals has slightly changed but there still there.

To Do:
  1. Move out of parents house                                                     Done 
  2. Getting married                                                                      Done 
  3. Travel Through Europe without kids                                     **Edit **
  4. Have kids                                                                               Still to come
  5. Own our own house (like the note book)                                 **Edit **
  6. Have cool toilets                                                                     Still to come
  7. Weekend Car (Corvette)                                                         Doubt it
  8. Library in our house                                                               Still to come
  9. Chest full of photos                                                                **Edit**
  10. Love each other for ages                                                        To continue
  11. Have a happy ending                                                             To continue
**Edit** :

3. Traveling Through Europe without kids - Well this has changed to Australia, we would prob end up traveling Europe with  kids
5. Own our own house - will still happen but now we will be happy with a Van
9. Chest full of photos - E and I are pretty close. In the 5 years we have been together we have a total of 32500 photos. Think we would end up with a few chests.

...Oh and yea - we wrote it on a Happy Meal Box - Cause were happy people...

Lets see how long it takes to do them all

11 Nov 2012

Wedding day - one year ago

One year ago - gosh what a day!!

E and I got married - I remember getting dressed enjoying the day. People saying  "are you sure?"  "you can change your mind" and/or " you don't have to do this". All I remember thinking is that I want to see E and tell him everything whats happend since the oast time I saw hime- which wasnthe day before!! I aanted to tell him how weird it was sleeping without him, how was my dinner and about this funny thing I saw on the TV earlier!!

E and I work! yes, we fight and sometimes just because I feel like arguing, I don't know if that is normal, but I like our little arguments! It's like we argue for the sake of arguing and then after we joke around about something we saw, what's happening or what's we're arguing about!!

I could not to ask for anyone better that could make me laught, cry or argue with! Hassie we work and I love you for it!! 

One down for ever to go!!

3 Nov 2012

Instagram - October

Here is my Instagram photos of August : 
  1. "Grumpy Photo Bomb!!" - I was feeling unwell at my parents house when Mr Grumpy bones came to sit next to me to make me feel better. Ain't he a sweetie pie??
  2. "Some Call This Home!!" - Waiting for my mother to finish from with with E. We ended up in this park next to her work. Some great old buildings and looks great with the sun behind it.
  3. "Step One - Where's Wally Glasses" - Getting ready for halloween. All though it look like we won't be doing anything and E will be work. But dressing up for each other is always fun
  4. "Jacobs Ladder Picnic with Nien" - Nien and I started to do Jacobs ladder every sunday after I drop E off from work. We meet up in Kings Park and make our way to the dreaded ladder and seem to do great down but getting back up: we sound like long term smokers. As a reward after Nien and I have a healthy picnic in the park to relax and recover for the week ahead.
  5. "Walking" - E took this photo when we were waiting for my mother to finish from work with his new Baby (digital camera) and now as always I am the ginny pig with him trying it out. I am not complaining - As much as I like taking photos I like being in them too. So therefore I am grateful E got a new toy.
  6. "Where's Wally?" - Happy Halloween to everyone... I dressed up as 'Where's Wally" to work. Entertained the oldies for a while. They all said with my glasses on I look 20 years younger... ? although that would make me 1??? hmmm interesting - does that make it an insult then?? meh . All in all I enjoy dressing up!!
This is my October fav's.... there  wasn't to much to choose from... been exited for our up coming holiday!! 

Keep smiling.

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